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    • 1940s before 1947 was a beautiful time to get sikh raj back. Various Sikh princely state rulers could have banded together and formed khalistan easily even without dr abedkar's consideration of 100 million+ dalits joining sikhism to boost our demographics numbers to qualify for a huge country. But instead the various sikh groups were divided between themselves, they couldnt come together and fight for the national sikh interest. Too many selfish Sikh egotistcal clowns wanted to protect their own seats in political power play that was going on. As for the tigers well reason for the defeat of hindu tamil tigers was the various countries implementing terrorism legislation's from year 2000 that proscribed them and cut their funding from the west. Another big dent to tamil tigers aspirations was when congress party ruling the indian establishment's betrayal. First they created and covertly supported the tamil tigers via the R&AW to leverage power of tamils against Sinhalese buddhist sri lankan govt then they betrayed them backstabbing and removed all funding and training and arms which left the tamil tigers to fend for themselves on the arms dealing black market for survival. The indian army even was sent in to "peace keeping" troops to try ensure the peace between buddhist and hindu tamil area's  These troops ended up committing brutality against the restless tamils there, so the tigers feeling betrayed hit back and blew rajiv gandhi up before the Sikh militants could get him for his role in anti-sikh genocide. So we come to 2009 and the sri lankan government was better armed, had intelligence and weapons help from china and pakistan. It was no contest really and only matter of time before the sri lankan tamil hindu genocide happened there was protests in london while the sri lankan president was being courted by the british queen and government. The british establishment didnt give two f*ucks about the genocide of tamil hindus in sri lankan just as they didnt do the same of sikhs of punjab 80s/90s. They were signing arms deals with the sri lankan govt just as they did with india in 1980s before operation blue star. Sadly this is ground reality of real politics of the world. the rich and powerful only give aid to each other to oppress and persecute the minorities when it doesn't suit their geo-political strategic economic interests.
    • I think only Muslims are capable of turning peaceful Buddhist monks towards violence as we saw in Burma.  While I don't condone what has happened to the Rohingya, but not too long ago I read on a website which listed each and every violent crime the Rohingya did towards the Buddhists. These crimes included murder, rape, looting, violent crimes which resulted in Buddhists moving out of Muslim areas. It went on for years with no reaction from the Buddhists until finally a Buddhist monk decided enough is enough.  Although the Rohingya started it but seeing the videos of there suffering, you can't help but be moved and feel bad for them. The Burmese went a little too far in their retaliation. I mean there are videos of the rohingya being burnt alive, their women have been gang raped by the Burmese soldiers. Rohingya are basically Bangalis who migrated there in the last century or so. But Bangladesh refuses to take them in.
    • Extracts from a book called miracles of ardas. 
    • Thank u for sharing these. It's given my mind so much peace. God bless u
    • Yes teaching people about sikh mediation and how and why we do it and how it works is a great way of introducing sikhi to people who are looking for that spiritual fulfillment, dasam duar, amrit vela etc Kirtan aswell! We have a rich musical heritage, people can connect to music very easily, Shastar vidhiya tradition etc Meditation, music/kirtan and other traditions like shastar vidya.  This would attract people to sikhi more. But its not being promoted like that.
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