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I think we should if we want the sikh religion to grow. We will be educating them not forcing them to convert as that is not true to the Sikh religion. There is no harm in giving options/educating non-sikhs. I myself am learning about Sikhism so I can teach my future children and put others right who may think they know more about my religion than what is true.

We should be very proud of white sikhs I certinetly (cant spell!) am! whenever l see a white/black sikh I have a big smile on my face and think good on you! As a non practising sikh they empower me to learn about my own religion and do paart. I think they are good role models.

Please do not be negative to those who want to learn about Sikhi, we should be acting as educators to these people like our Guru Jis were and take every chance to spread the word about what Sikhism is and what the principles are. These are our future brothers and sisters. When I say this lm not only talking about non sikhs but also our punjabi sikhs as lm one of them and now I am on the path of learning as that is what a sikh is!

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i personally disagre with this. I know people say how do will we get khalsa raj if more people dont embrace sikhi. Do we want khalsa raj if it means beadbi of the Sikhi saroop. Look at 3HO if we hav

im not blamming, them sikhi was preached to them, theyve taken it and mizzed there weston and hippies way into sikhi where there vichars are off the rador when it comes to sikhi http://gurmukhyoga.c.

because theres nothing that they have done, apart from turn sikhi into flower power crap. The washed sikhi into there hippie ways so maybe someone like yourself who supports them would change my view

This is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard on this forum !

Muslims and christians are spreading their religion to every person - good or bad ! and here we are calling fellow white sikhs as hippies ! How stupid ! Don't expect Sikhi to grow with that kind of silly and megalomaniacal attitude !whistle.gif

ok so lets do ask the christains spread our religons and have different sects like chatholics, church of england and so on.

Lets spread it like muslims and have people change and express the religon into a fanatic religon.

Whats the point sikhi growing ? if it cant grow with in whats the point trying to grow from the outside.

Theres is 1000s of example how so called Gursikhi r doing wrong Veechar

so lets reach 20million Sikhi mark

with only like 10 000 tru gursikhs where will that get us ?

or we could have 6 million tyar bit tyar gursikhs who a Pukha in there rehait

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:khalsa: BHAISUKHSINGH - the way you look in that picture u look more of a muslim than a sikh - discusting - correct that first billy bob

Calling gora sikhs hippies -wasn't it a while back u was attending their camps and giving lectures to them - it's your parchaar mate it wasn't good enough was it. so calm down internet warrior parhcark!!!

calling them hippies is the biggest wrong you are doing instead get them back in line and do honest parchar to them - but can;t count on internet nihung tarna tal plonkers like you to do anything about it.

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It's not a religion, there is no religion (remember 'No hindu No muslim'), only Truth principles that apply across the universe- Truth/Gurbani is All there is, it is not limited to anything, it's just ignorance and attachment to the imagery of the world/mind that leads us to believe it is not all pervading.

It literally Is the person claimed to be muslim and is the one claiming to be hindu, jewish, Sphagetti monster, whatever..

Theres no need to spread a religion, just Truth which is everywhere in everything and is everything and everyone...

So in actual fact everyone is actually Sikh(a student) as god everywhere is continuously teaching us lessons...

He teaches us through maya how to ruin ourselves, hence once we've had enough/ sick of it/ learn enough lessons(pain, and even pain in so called pleasure while in maya) we start to become Truthful...

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external parchaar is all good, if the correct person is doing it. 3HO have not done external parchar for Sikhi, but for their own cult. That atleast someone is teaching Sikhi to others excuse is useless. Look at Sikh history and you will understand that Gurmat was always respected before teaching wrong practices. Our Guru disowned his own son after wrong parchaar.

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