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Did Something Stupind And Embarrassing

Guest kaur

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Guest okaaaay..

what a shame, you have almost ruined your respect and honour for free!!

if you are in the roop of guru sahib, then you should understand that you HAVE to behave in a respectful manner when in public. With friends you can have a laugh and be yourself, but this doesn't mean that you go over board and act stupid, remember you are supposed to be a child of Guru Gobind Singh Ji therefore it is your moral duty to remain respectful. if you dont respect yourself then no1 will respect you.

A person earlier said that you dont have to worry about what the world thinks of you, well that is a load of bulls*it, as i have mentioned before, once you bear allegiance to guru sahib you have to think VERY carefully about your actions in public and the people that you are with, because if you do something stupid, the public will not see you as an individual but as a sikh of guru sahib.

Keep away from the opposite sex......it will just cause problems now and later on in life.

You can buy anything in the world, however you cannot buy Ijjat(respect honour dignity)........once this is lost you will never get it back.............remember this for the rest of your life penji.

Vaheguru Ji Ka khalsa! vaheguru Ji ki fateh!

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God says all worldy associations are false, if people are judging you worngfully, learn the lesson that only god knows you truly- God says step on His path and pay no attention to public opinion, so who cares what anyone thinks,

The majority of Guru Gobind Singh Jis crowd on Vaisakhi thought he'd gone mad when he stepped out with a bloodstained sword, that should be enough to tell you that peoples opinions mean sh*te....

now thats something new !

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Kabeer, you shall drown, you wretched being, from worrying about what other people think.

hy kbIr! hy mMd-BwgI mnu`K! bhuqw lok-lwj ivc hI irhW (lok-lwj ivc hI) fu`b jwieˆgw

Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj (ANG 1373)

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Respect, honour, trust are strange things. It takes many years to build them, but mere minutes to shatter them into to a million pieces. These shattered pieces can never ever be put together in a way which makes them again as good as the original image.

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    • https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11904355/Paedophile-policeman-22-sex-14-year-old-girl-jailed-five-years.html
    • Personally I'm not remotely surprised. Let's put things in a wider geo-political perspective. These are my opinions btw, I don't expect people to share them, and as writing them are uncomfortable, I imagine reading them will also be for many. Whatever your feelings about it, the reality is that right now, India (politically and economically) is doing big things that challenge the global, white supremacist dominance (read eurocentrism) that's been dictating things for centuries to all nonwhite people's (and others) detriment.  The indian speeches castigating the hegemony and warmongering by mainly western europeans and americans resonate with many people globally including Africa and some parts of latin America. I've heard this multiple times over the last year from varying sources. So for the first time in centuries, the people who've held a hegemonic stranglehold on global politics and economy and even culture are on a back foot.  Indians are (understandably in context) being seen as heroes for helping finally confront and face this reality and not succumbing to western threats and manipulations. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and india took it.       Slap bang at a point when this is happening our lot pop up looking as if they want to derail that. And people shouldn't be ignorant of the perception of certain apnay being chaaplooses to goray, which shouldn't be surprising given the unquestioning military support for the white colonial agenda certain apnay gave in recent history.  I've always said that white supremacism/hegemony is something that we have to face up to and confront, regardless of any contentions with delhi.  If timing and tactics are anything to consider, I would have thought letting india get on with challenging western european hegemony and the undeniable growth of neo-nazism in the west would've been in our interests right now, especially as we aren't capable of dealing with it on our own, and with many of our lot having a historical proclivity to subordinate themselves to this for personal gain in any case.  So I'm not remotely shocked a lot of hate is coming our way.    It's like supporting certain people during the 'Indian mutiny' which did us no favours and just led to the plunder of Panjab and after a hundred years of slavery, use and abuse being left to face mass murder and rape and losses of large swathes of land whilst certain people scuttled off into the sunset. 
    • If a time is coming it could be much worse than another war (in which being prepared will be pointless).   
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