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Upinder Randhawa - Dangerous To The Sikh Panth?!?!?

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I know Upinder Randhawa did good coverage of the riots, and he is now praised by everyone in the world...media, politicians etc. BUT i think his thinking regarding Sikhi and recent shaheeds and freedom fighters are totally unacceptable. I believe Sangat TV needs to be very careful as to who they choose to be their presenters. Upinder Randhawa has made the following claims with regards to Sikhi.

1) you don't need to keep kesh or wear a dastaar

2) Detrimental comments made against Sant Jarnail Singh Ji and other Shaheed Singhs

3) claiming Singhs raped women in 84'

and the newest claim recently...

4) Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji tied a rakhri on Bebe Nanaki Ji!!!! and that Sikhi believes in 'rakhri'.


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i think u ment to say "guru ji accepted a rakhri from bibi nanaki"... and Vaheguru.... did he really say this?... wot a thicko. hes preaching his own version of sikhi.

you missed out:

5 he thanked a muslim youth who said we should all study the life of mohammed, say the shahada and accept islam because its the only one true religion.

6) he cries every 5 mins which is a bad and untrue reflection of our community

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