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They cant pinpoint the root cause.

Few things are postural problem, previosuly pulled muscles, tight muscles, extra curveature of the spine, pelvis imblanance, back spasms.

Thats a few things ive been told from different specialists.

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Could you please list the things that physio, chiro, and othropod did to assess your condition?

I used to have all the problems you have listed above, primarily due to too much weight training, but after chiropractic care + massage I have improved about 80% I would say.

I'm not qualified but rather a fitness enthusiast, I'm just curious about what may be going on with you.

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well first tiem the physio amssaged the back and did more deep heat stuff.gave some stretches. went for 6 weeks. did have temp relief for a day or so.

the 2nd time physio sayin to strengthen back muscles etc. given strengtheneing exc. no real help.

the bones speacialist has said that he cannot get to the bottom of it, and may have to send off for mri.

the osteopath has also done more hands on massaging and correcting the pelvic imbalance. again relief for 1 or 2 days max.

acupuncture has had no effect.

people in india looked and said its a nerve pblem, blood not flwoing in some areas, apparenlty he fixed it. but obv didnt.

i actaully ahvnt been chripracter yet. as everyone has told me its more muscular than spinal. and therefore chiros look at spine, so dont know...i should though and do plan to go soon. do you know of any in birmingham that are any good?

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shucks, I wrote a long post but somehow lost it. So I'll summarize.

I'm in Canada, so I wouldn't know of any chiropractors in England.

I had multiple skeletal issues + muscle issues

- misaligned pelvis; this has since been rectified more or less

- deformed spine due to an injury I had as a child; I was thrown into a wall, back first; there isn't anything that can be done about this

Muscle issues were there for two reasons.

1. since the underlying skeletal structure was misaligned, the muscles had to work extra hard to support my body. Over time they developed serious imbalances which were causing all sorts of issues. Back spasms were fairly routine occurrence at the time.

2. extensive heavy weight training I was doing certainly wasn't helping the muscles relax. While it did make me quite strong, I noticed that if I didn't train for a couple of weeks, muscles got quite weak again.

The treatment was 3 fold

- skeletal adjustment to align the bones

- deep tissue massage + stretching to fix the muscle issues (initial massages were quite painful)

- a drastic reduction in the amount and intensity of weight training I was doing

Initially I was visiting the chiropractor 3 times/week but now it's less than once a month. It has been 1.5+ years now and I feel much better and healthier. I would definitely recommend that you go visit a well respected chiropractor in your area for at least an assessment. Also, please make sure the chiropractor you visit does not use the 'diversified technique' or what I call manual adjustment. The one I visit uses what is known as Activator technique. See link for details


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Thanks! Thats good help, as ill defo now see a chiro. And wil ask them what technique they use...should i ask that when booking?

So you only went to the chiro, and they helped the most?

It seems as if my problems are v similar to yours. I also did wieghts before, have stopped now, its been 2 years. Thanks for this though! will have a read now too.

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Ask which technique they use before booking an appointment.

Yes, chiro helped the most, but deep tissue massage played a big part in it as well. Even after the skeletal issues were most dealt with, I still had issues with my lower back. For instance, if I stood for more than a few minutes, it would get tired. Then if I stretched the low back, I would feel pops in the low back muscle (not the bone). I was told these were gas pops. I was told my back muscles were weak and thus got over stressed easily. This did not sit well with me because I know from my workouts that strength was not the issue. Also, when I was with a trainer, he would make me do 'advance' level exercises targeting my core and I could do with out much trouble at all. This re enforced my thinking that strength was not an issue. I did know that my low back was not 100%, I had a massive low back muscle spasm which rendered me incapable of walking for a couple of days.

One day I decided to get deep tissue massage on my IT band and quad, as the foam roller just wasn't doing it anymore. Amazingly, after the soreness from massage went down, my low back felt 50% better! So it looks like the issue is tight muscles again, and not strength. IT band and quads were just not moving as they should, this put extra pressure on the weaker low back muscles. Now I have been focusing my massages on the IT band and quad (glutes are quite good now). These massages are some of the most painful ones I have ever had but I feel it's paying off quite nicely.

I still weight train, usually once a week, but with lighter weights and don't do certain exercises which I know have the potential to cause problems. My weight training consists of the following now.

- pull ups

- rows

- dips

- dead lift, never going heavier than 135lbs

- body weigh squats on the balance board (quite challenging)

- balance/core work

- stretching

I hope my journey to getting healthy again helps you along the way :) If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

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I did email a few clinics asking what method they used. this is what they said: What do you think? Number 1 doesnt sound as if it uses that technique, but it uses the one that they gave. This doesnt seem like it is as effective as the activator, Is that correct? Thoe other 2 however do provide the service. The replies are underneath:

1. The predominant technique we use is the McTimoney technique, for more information see www.mctimoneychiropractic.org

2. Thank you for your enquiry. The activator is one of the technique our Chiropractors use, as well as manipulation, acupuncture, and massage.

3. The chiropractors at this clinic do use the Activator with treating some patients here.The main technique used at the clinic is called Diversified.If however you would only want Activator methods used, then this could be arranged/provided for you.

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Let me start off by reiterating that I'm not qualified to give you any advice. Please do consult with your doctor before taking anything on board :)

I personally would not recommend that you put on back support belt. Regardless of if there are skeletal or muscle issues, once you put it on, over time it will implicitly train the back muscles to not work as much (as the support belt will take a bulk of the load). This will make the muscles even weaker and can cause bigger problems as you get older. Your aim should be to fix the underlying issues. I would say hold off this decision until you have visited the chiropractor a few times.

I have personally experienced Activator and Diversified (manipulation) method and would never recommend Diversified method to anyone at all. A few years ago when I was getting treated using the Diversified method, it was not a pleasant experience; felt like my spine would break in half at times! Additionally, at the time of the adjustment, things felt quite good; but by the time I got home, pain was back.

I have just Googled the McTimoney technique and I quite like it. This technique seems quite similar to the what the Activator method entails. Nervous system function was the first thing my chiropractor tested during our assessment. He also went through my entire life history, noting any injuries etc.

You can watch a video of this technique here http://www.thechiropracticroom.co.uk/about_mctimoney.asp

I would stay away from #3 as their main technique is diversified, this tells me that the chiropractors employed there are probably well versed with that technique and not nearly as experienced with the Activator technique.

So the choice really boils down to #1 or #2.

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Thanks the vid was good! interesting...

Your helps been v good...also i agree what you said about belt.because my physio also said the same thing, and i defo agree.

I think ill go for number 2. because that was recommended to me by someone who has been going there.

But the mctimoney system sounds like its v good too..the vid was v factual..

But I will see. As I just asked my doc for MRI scan. and he has said he would talk to my physio and compare note. there reluctant to send me off for further scans. but ill keep pushing with that first.

may also try reflexology next week as i will be meeting someone who does that.

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