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(A short story)

Once there was a father and daughter. The father was a true SARBLOH WARRIOR, a true SANT-SIPAHI and he had been given a saropa for his braveness from Guru Gobind Singh Jee.

The daughter once said to her father when very young "Father, when I grow up I want to be a true SARBLOH WARRIOR like you."

The father replied, "daughter, you will only be a true Sarbloh Warrior when you are able to answer one question - "How do you worship GOD?"

The daughter looked at her father confused. The father sent his daughter to the greatest swordsmen to learn the art of fighting. Ten years later she became skilled in twenty weapons. The father returned and asked his daughter - "How do you worship GOD?"

Again she couldn't answer. He said, "Then you are still not a true Sarbloh Warrior!" Then he left. He returned ten years later. She could now take on more than fifty people at one time alone. He again asked her the question she couldn't answer. He took out his kirpaan and attacked her while she was standing, but she failed to draw her shaster and protect herself. He asked her again -"How do You Worship GOD?" She could not answer.

5 years later her training was over and she became one of the best. She could fight blindfolded and take on anyone. But her father still said that she wasn't a Sarbloh Warrior. One day, while she was about to go to sleep, her father attacked her and she awoke and drew her sword,

blocked and threw her father to the floor. He then asked her - "How do you worship GOD?" and then she realised and she replied: "ALWAYS!"

He said, "Well done my daughter, now you are a TRUE Sarbloh Warrior, from within and without!"

A TRUE SARBLOH WARRIOR is always ready and never forgets the SARBLOH KHARAG (KIRPAN), and never forgets the GIAN KHARAG (NAAM) , and the SARBLOH WARRIOR keeps both ready and close to their heart AT ALL TIMES, *ALWAYS* and forever and ever and ever...


The True Guru has placed the sword of spiritual wisdom in my hands; I have overcome and slain the Messenger of Death (Guru Amar Das Sahib Jee)


Only those who are coloured in rang of the Naam within the age of Kaliyug, are known as true warriors


Only know them to be great, who have the Name of God on their lips and have the state of mind to fight for justice ALWAYS. (Guru Gobind Singh Jee)


In the early hours of the morning, I chant the Lord's Name. I have fashioned a shelter for myself, here and hereafter. Forever and ever, I chant the Lord's Name, and the desires of my mind are fulfilled.

(Ang 745)

(contribution by T. Singh)

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Vaaheguroo! Those were the days! I am gonna bump up my old posts, as I feel back then I had more of the Sikhi content in me. All I am left with today is kaam, krodh and hankaar, probably even moh and lobh but the 1st 3 are strong enough to make me not feel the other 2. Hope everyone enjoys these, and gets a feeling as to what a wonderful place Sikhsangat was 3-4 years ago.

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    • Ok I will help by getting 2 wives and having 100s mistresses and forcing my kids to be Sikh. Guess I've done my part.
    • Do you think our guys in the West are as prone to the dramatics as resorting to suicide? I personally think they've thrown in the towel; a quiet acceptance of defeat which is mostly attributable to the broader culture that has compounded the idea that it's toxic for a man to question a lady about her antics. 
    • If he's just going to kill himself on finding that out, that's unfortunate but fair enough. But don't start killing other people as well, including the b1tch. 
    • This is the absolute crux of the matter; to find a girl who's pretty enough to get the lad hot and bothered BUT not too pretty that her attractiveness has made her a target for other lads from the moment, as they say in Punjabi, her jawani char gayi in her mid-teens onwards. Before the undercover brahmgyanis chime in about prioritising kamayi and Gurmukh values, for those of our people who don't float around in their own little Satyug that keeps the rest of the Kalyugi world out (a bit like Trump's non-existent wall), these are valid considerations that should be looked at in detail for the rank-and-file people of our community. If the guy himself is between the 4-7 range of attractiveness, he needs to look for a girl within the same range. BUT Punjabi guys (and men in general) over-estimate their physical appeal. A man, more than anyone, has a tendency to inflate his own sense of being. He finds it very difficult to process that he may not be what he thinks he is. A guy in this 4-7 range (which is the vast majority of males on the planet) going after a 9 or 10 girl is living in cloud-cuckoo land if he thinks even a typically middle-class, middle-income job (£30-60k) is going to keep a top-tier girl placated for the next 40-50 years of her life (or at least until she lets her self go or hits the menopause depending on what comes first. Even then her appeal to men may fade, but her aadataa -- habits -- will be nigh on set in stone. If they're rotten since decades eariler, the guy is in for trouble). I'd go as far to say that even a multi-millionaire would need to be on-top of his game from the day he's married to the day he drops dead in order to keep a 9 or 10 as his wife. Today, more than ever, a girl's history counts so much. From what I've seen, the majority of apne guys live in a world that is detached from reality. They may consider themselves street-smart and worldly, but in many respects their understanding of the world is, IMO, based on an inaccurate simulation of a wider culture they don't truly understand. As such, those blind-spots is where they end up being blind-sided by the unforeseen. Then you've got to figure out whether her jawani had indeed gone to her head quite a while ago, or if she's been sensible with it. The answer to this question, IMO, comes IN PART from studying the immediate family, i.e. the dad, mum, and siblings.
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