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Mehtab Singh

Sant Attar Singh Ji -How To Live A Life According To Gurmat Principles

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    • just to add 1 more thing. this singh is in love with Brahm kavach bani and says that even millions of nuclear weapons cannot match the power of Brahm kavach bani. He says that in future khalsa will show the power of Brahm kavach bani to the entire world.
    • Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh  Very true veerji.You are right on the reunification of the khalsa panth.We NEED to be one again.If we stay divided we cant do anything.The state of the panth is quite bad now.Guru Maharaj gave us kirpans and gave us the hukam to protect others from tyranny.Unfortunately, we cannot even protect ourselves now.But after 84 things have changed upstairs.Akaal Purakh has given Hukam to thousands to take birth again and lead the panth.When the time is right we will need to give our fullest support to them. Bhul Chuk Maf 🙏
    • Sikhi  denies connection to any faith as we did not copy another religion.All religions belong to God and share God teachings so obviously there will be common teachings. Let me give you an example. When we are a school our main purpose is to be educated and eventually get a job right?But all schools will bring you to that goal anyway,they will all teach the same thing but with different notes and different teachers.And through all schools we will still get our goal of being educated and getting a job.However,there are schools that will be better than others in terms of notes.So similarly all religions will bring us to God.All religions have a different leader but their goal is the same.And please educate the sangat as to what you mean by bathing ritual?And please give evidence as to how our Gurus carried arms and flags with hindu deities.The mention of Allah in Guru Granth Sahib ji is to show that God is ONE.As to the fact that we are a new religion that is completely true.Just because we are similar to another religion does not mean that we have a same lineages another religion.Let me ask you a question.Do you agree that all religions bring us to God?If yes then obviously all religions will have a common thing. Bhul Chuk Maf 🙏
    • Thus Spoke the Ustads - Devolution of Kirtan  
    • I'm not too sure to be honest, we've always taught our children the value of education supersedes pretty much everything, most of the children in their schools have this mentality as well so they all do well, i think times have changes and the way children are taught has become a little less black and white and more organic (in my experience). There will always be that group of kids that don't care and would much rather be doing something "cool" rather than studying but i think that because our generation went through that we are better equipped to deal with it if our children go down that road. I'll tell you a story about private schools, my chacha sent his eldest son all the way through private education, spent a lot of money, he's a great lad my cousin, he now works for the teacher's union (NUT) as a website assistant, all that education for nothing, his younger brother, again, a great guy, went through the normal education route, went to Uni, did a BA then MA in Architecture, spent 5 years at a top London form and now runs his own Architectural firm, it's not about money or private schools, it's about your mentality and hunger to educate yourself.
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