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    • That's how it should be. People are actually taking loans from banks to do their weddings now.
    • Who is this?       
    • literally they got up from sangat and were married at amritvela after asa di vaar  , so  much kirpa .. langar then back to their homes . No fanfare even the clothes were normal suits nothing snazzy funny thing is those show off types are giving money hand over fist to the same musley who want them gone from the earth. Sikhi teaches that the boys family shouldn't improverise the girl's family , get married in the smallest group possible .But these idiots think that one day is so important that they should be poor for the rest of their lives , no doubt they will be divorced over money problems. we had simple ceremony and then langar after , bidaai from Gurdwara
    • I'd imagine things were done really simple back then, even the reception parties were probably simple. I'v seen some family wedding movies from the 80s and in the reception parties they were eating in those plastic plates and cups lol  These days they having reception parties in 5* hotels, cruises, wearing diamonds etc  Its mad how out of hand things have gotten!  a lot of these couples also step back and push their parents to the front when it comes to the bills!  stupid ungrateful idiots!!   My cousin sister got engaged a few years back (they broke up, never got married)  and the engagement party was like in a community center and the food was prepared by those Punjabi ladies that make samosas at home, lol     but my cousin and the guy she was engaged to were happy!  they didn't care!    and its gd they kept it simple because they broke up later anyway. 
    • its in their intro sarlohi Singhs of Toronto, they seem to be a refreshing channel in terms of increasing peoples sikhi knowledge and vocab , they are riling nastiks up no end like Harnek the NZ haramghor  
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