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    • Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh   Has anybody on this forum had any sort of darshan from a higher spiritual being? I understand some people may not want to share their darshan story  so no pressure 👍🏼   Bhul Chuk Maaf    Gurfateh
    • The picture  of facepalm above, shows more how much incompetent  and dumb one is for not seeing what is being said with facts, rather than accusing someone as dumb for no apparent reason, other than oneself being drunk in ego...   
    • Bro, I do like your posts, which usually are well expressed and denote a brilliant mind. But today you have not reached to your usual high level. it is true, we all need to grow constantly, and that includes you yourself. You must bear in mind, not all are at same mental levels, neither can you do something to accelerate that growth to which you refer, hardlly can anyone physically grow "fast", so what to say to about the mental level. You can try hard to nail someone on the head with a hammer and pour in what you want them to think in that way, even then, you can not force such things on someone. So grow up yourself also, and accept the facts of life, that things do not always work per one´s wishes, least in this sense. If you have something in mind, expound it, share your opinions, for nobody is a mind reader, and leave it, give time to be digested, so do not just say grow fast  without showing your cards, for that is not being fair nor intelligent.
    • A place where negativity doesn’t exist. Coming Soon... 😀 #GurbarAkaal   
    • yes army and intelligence sources have indicated that Guru Nanak Dev ji's Gurpurab  had been originally earmarked to attack the next largest concentration of sikhs , otherwise getting so many goonde armed with exactly the same custom lengths of iron rod , exact co-ordinated disarmement by police prior to attack wave in each neighbourhood ,  white phosporus powder being to hand for the attackers  in such large quantities without chemical factory orders would be near impossible in the the pre mobile phone era India ,
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