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Punjab And Its Enslavement

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why have so many punjabis accepted being slaves like under british rule were many were loyal to the british rather then standing up for freedom

today allowing corrupt politicans to enslave the punjab even though they have the democracy to vote in public servants

how does punjab break out of this

and people of punjab wake up to the slavery

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Bro, I have often pondered this.

What makes a person from an established Sikh family turn against their own kind? To the extent where they rape, torture and humiliate their own people, even their own relatives?

Jallanwala bhag would not have occurred if the Sikhs didn’t obey the British. 1984’s brutal aftermath, the tortures, the rapes would have been greatly reduced if our own dropped their posts as police and army.

Our biggest down fall is the traitors. Not the enemies.

Cicero utter the words: "A nation can abide fools even the ambitious-but no nation can survive traitors from within.

An enemy at the gates is less formidible, for he is known and carries his banners openly.

But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the galleys, heard in the very hall of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor...He speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and wears their face and their garment, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the heart of all men.

He rots the soul of a nation...he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city...he infects the body politic so that it no longer can resist"

The Sikhs are infested with traitors..

Sikh men torturing our own brothers in the police, keshdari pakhandi leaders toying with the Panth, dehdhari dogs tearing up our quom.. kutiyan giving themselves to goreh kala sulllahs

I have no answer to this, what makes the greatest koum in the world breed so many traitors???

I wish a death on them 10X worse than our external enemies.

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Its because of self interest. Self interest afflicts all nations, religions and individuals. However, self interest has been the DOWNFALL AND DEMISE of the Sikh race. Self interest is what led to the Phulkian/Malwa Sikh states to side with the British during Maharajah Ranjit Singhs reign. Self interest is what caused the treachery of the Sikh leadership during the Anglo Sikh wars (it wasnt just the dogras), many Sikh chiefs sided with the British during both the first and anglo Sikh war. It was self interest that led to the Sikh leadership giving away a Sikh state in 1947. It was self interest that led to the failure of the Khalistan morcha. And it is self interest that is eating away at us now.

What is self interest?

It is the desire to ensure that the individual is comfortable, able to survive and their needs are met at the expense of everyone else, even if that results in the total destruction of their own people.

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I'd like to add.

To me it appears as if the slide started about 70/80 years after dasmesh pita was no longer amongst us to personally guide and inspire. From this point we start hearing about intra Sikh conflicts over land, indulgence in drugs and alcohol. By the time the 19th century started (with the emergence of a Sikh kingdom), self-centredness and materialism seems to have become a norm amongst the Sikh masses, although a few exceptions to this could be found.

Underlying all of this is the plain fact that those people who make up the bulk of the community which would be considered Sikh today (i.e. mostly but not exclusively Panjabi) are VERY status conscious and ambitious in a materialistic sense, with very few exceptions. Who here isn't? Which Panjabi Sikh family doesn't push for (or at least hope for) their children to get a well paid job, a prestigious education etc. etc. Think of those pictures our people love to stick up of their children in full academic regalia for all to see.

Status and material success mean a lot to us. We do love our Mercedes, big houses, super extravagant weddings, well paid jobs etc. Look at how we also hide things that might diminish our status, like the way our people live in denial of just how promiscuous their daughters have become.

When we have such a strong desire for such status (and I dare anyone to tell me that we don't!), it becomes natural that we compete with each other in the way we do. Another plain truth arising from this characteristic is that it also becomes easy for outsiders with lots of resources, who have materialistic opportunities to offer us usually through jobs (army jobs from an imperial Britain being a blatant example), to get us 'on board' - even if these positions mean we have to screw our own people over.

I'd say our ambition overrides our fraternity and has done for a long time. Any outside community with half a brain can see this and exploit it. Simples.

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what would it take to bring sikhs together and look out for the community

We need subtle but persistent societal condemnation of greed and pettiness instead of promoting it like we seem to do. Then we need wealthy altruistic philanthropists who invest in uplifting the whole community. As well people who utilise our own people's talents instead of having our people having to run off to outsiders for opportunities and sustenance, and usually ending up as sycophants.

Promotion of knowledge and sophistication instead of crass, pendu, 'bwaah-bwaaah!' extravagant, ostentatious and cringe-worthy shows of wealth (as in a typical Jat daughters wedding) need to be discouraged too and people taught to have a sense of self worth through more progressive things. Essentially, we are just a bunch of posers.

Most of all we need to go easy on each other and stop that hot house, judgmental 'holier than thou' crap often going on. lol

Effort can't just be individual (though that is where it must start) - we need a calm, steady and inclusive society wide change.

My 2 rupees worth.

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There are always exceptions but generally all Punjabi's today are hardwired today to put themselves first...but this can be changed...through education alone. Educate the kids and inspire them to build a relationship with Guru Jee and we will see the changes. I know of so many parents who have began changing their ways and coming more into Sikhi just because their kids go home after camps and question their parents lifestyle/actions.

With the blessing of Guru Jee, we are slowly seeing a change...it maybe be only slow change for now but slow change is better than no change. However, i can see this slow change rapidly increasing - Twai Prasaad!!

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