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Jhoot- Pesh/Retake Amrit?

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i am concerned that i may have accidently had jhoot. I regularly play 5 aside football, and my water bottle was by the goal. although i didnt see anyone drinking from my bottle, it is possible that somebody may have had a few swigs without me noticing during the game. Would i need to go pesh just incase i did have jhoot? or can i just do an ardaas to guruji and then be more careful next time with where i place my bottle.

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That's maha paap! You need to go pesh immediately! Having someone's jhoot will reduce your abiaas. To be safe you should only associate with gursikhs and avoid company of non- amritdaris as God sees them as inferior or less blessed than amritdaris. I also try to avoid being within the same shadow of non amridaris as well!

NB. I am joking plz don't take what I said above as serious. Relax your fine I assure you that God is not angry with you. LOL

wow omgg as i was reading this i was like wowww does sikhi really say this stuff wtheck!! lol but thank god you said the last part :p

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