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Competition For Tech Savvy Sikhs


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1. Somewhere in the app, it must be mentioned that the app was developed for a "Sikhsangat.com parchar" competition

Please ignore the pictures, the app does NOT need to do anything with any other apps out there right now. Although, implementing something like a dropbox may serve to enhance your app. It is definitely not a requirement.

I hope that clarifies the requirements :)

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Hanji Payareo, the app you are suggesting should be okay for the competition. However, we request that you please submit a design document before you start building the app. It does not have to be technical, we are simply looking for a high level overview of what you envision the app to be, how it would work etc.

Dhanwaad :)

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Anyone want to work together? perhaps we can use a xml parser to give things of gurbani searching websites like www.srigranth.org, www.sridasam.org, www.sikhitothemax.com and www.searchgurbani.com maybe we could do a webmashup. Could do the design of the classes to program, maybe we should setup an opensource group have all the programmers work together.

Design some of the classes, objects, methods and attributes. Perhaps we could have a look at other similar existing programs to get a clue of the type of program we want maybe even things designed for other religions and so forth get some tips on programming techniques. Could feed in an entire pdf and bookmark it at some points or split it to work with the database to search it maybe using sql.

Could link it to audio as well maybe mahankosh. Or on the go loading using better fonts. We could work with better font styles. Maybe provide source code for easy adaptation to all platforms or could leave it a webformat to load into an applet. Design for blackberry, iphone and android platforms.

Even the sikhitothemax.com can be fixed up if they made it opensource... it has a few bugs that can be fixed. Well if you feed in an entire akhan paath we could make a program to play a select amount for an ang or tuk of bani. Does anyone have suraj prakash granth would really want to do something with that maybe a search engine. Could get a few tips off http://bible.cc or http://quran.com/

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    • An update on the Gurdwara Sahib building.  please donate and forward the donation link to contacts 🙏    
    • So I wrote this thread out a few years ago, And Im going through the same same thing again, In the end I did email her it was an embarassing mess. This is how it started 5 years a go, I had a dream about her and when I woke up the first thing I said was Waheguru, I didnt feel right in my heart or my head, felt like there was somehing pulling me or not letting me sit still. Then I had another 4 dreams one day after the next. After a while I did email her, it was embaressing, a complete mess, I cant describe to you how bad it was.  I didnt tell her about the dreams it sounded weird like I was losing my mind, tbh it probably still came across like that.   In the end I knew something was not right with me, And I got up and went to India, to matha tekh at the Gurudwara, I went to see Mahapuhrsh[SP]. I showed them a photo of her, and to keep it simple they told me she didnt have a good heart. But when I saw them it felt like a huge weight was being lifted off me.  It took me about 2 years to sort of get myself back to how I was. At the time I was under a lot of pressure because I was buying a business and I had 30 day completion, and I was really stressed out, I think I had or was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Anyway time passed and then last year my dad died, he was 59 and just went instantly, spent the day with him at work, and he went home my mum was getting him food and by the time she went to tell him his food was ready he had passed away. I have found coming to terms with this very hard, I feel like he was stolen away from us. I dont understand what need there was for him to go. I know he was fed up, the world had drunk enough of his blood.  Anyway way last Friday I woke up again after having a dream about her, And again I been typing out emails, Ive deleted them because I dont want to do another round of doing my besthi. I am buying a house at the moment so I can move mum closer to me as I need to take care of her now. I am feeling the pressure, Im the only man left in my family now. I feel like its all on me, and Im going to <banned word filter activated> up everything my dad made. Basically I think somone has done something to me. I know I probably sound like Im losing my mind, and I probably am. But Im closer to the end than I am to the beginning, there not enough time left to keep making mistakes and recovering from them. I keep saying to God just tell me what you want and Ill give it to you, what ever it is I dont mind, what ever you want I will happily give to you. cant believe he wants me to commit a sin, or do something I know I shouldnt be doing.
    • So we find out who killed Hardeep Singh Nijjar. What we are going to do about it?  Me personally I try to avoid the whole Khalistan fiasco since religion and politics get mixed. That's a messy situation to be in. 
    • *bump I firmly believe that one quote in regards to cannabis is not written by Guru Nanak Dev Ji (O'lord the fear of thee). B/c nasha is nasha. But cannabis is a bit a different since it was used for medicinal purposes in India also. 
    • I feel gurdwaras are maybe somewhat getting back to their functions as dharmsalas containing schools and learning centres. With panjabi schools, gurmat classes, santhiya, martial arts, keertan training, with sikhi camps occasionally in towns, there is somewhat some functions connected to traditional gurdwaras of the past.
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