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    • I am not someone to clean up someones image, but I know two facts about Pal Singh Purewal: - Probably a decade ago, a Singh in our local area found Purewal's phone number. He called him and asked him why is against Sri Dasam Granth. Purewal's reply was that if he ever spoke against Sri Dasam Granth, he is ready to have his head chopped off. - Purewal has admitted he did not want to publish his book because at one point in his research his calculations did not match with Sri Dasam Granth.
    • Anyone got any copies or of the 1980s indian surya magazine? I read some articles online that referenced the surya magazine that alleged to have journalist pieces from the indian military intelligence sources that exposed alot of secret governments schemes and crimes against the Sikhs.
    • Depends what kinda khalistan we talking about if its vatican type city state khalistan then its viable and fair easy to implement right now and most Sikhs will be on board on the concept. If we talking about a huge khalistan outside the union of india then theres no chance at the current situation if be some miracle it was able to be created then yes it would collapse into a failed state without any infrastructure and governance sorted out first. The old boys gadar treacherous network would take over just as badals family took over akali dal and sgpc. So the most viable option of a city state khalistan within the indian union can work for both the indian establishment and for Sikh separatists. This is what they should have gone for in 1948 to 1960s when the akali's were campaigning for punjabi suba movement as we could have had an autonomous Sikh government outside the control of delhi that was able to have its own armed forces, economy, legislate and govern according to Sikhi. It could be created as a brand new city near vast lands with parse population or a small town/city that has the capacity to expand. Benefits would also draw in Sikh and non-sikh tourists from around the world benefiting not only india but khalistan too. It's outside of the box thinking by brave policy makers and wise politicians that can solve many of historical blunders and past mistakes india has made since its establishment.
    • English translation used to be available online in pdf    not sure if it's still there. 
    • You actually think you are tough.  That's funny.  Anyone that goes after Gursikhs that do nothing but paath all day is not even considered human.  Sukhmani Sahib is clear about you.  Doing paath all day is doing the one thing Gurbani says to do.   You sitting on a forum slandering Gursikhs is doing nothing but being slanderous.   Trust me you are not tough.  People like you give up quick because all you have to live for is lohri celebrations.  
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