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Music India Darbaar Sahib Programmes

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Since the new contract given to MusicIndia, an ally of PTC to promote Badal group in UK/Europe, the daily coverage of programs (I know these are recoreded, but only a few hours delayed) on a daily basis is very random, sometimes the recording is shown daily, and mostly old recordings are shown.

Example, Yesterday on 24th November 2011, Asaa Jee Dee Vaar Keertan was done by Bhai Surinder Singh Jee Jodhpuri on the day of Shaheedi Purab (I listened to some of the Keertan on my mobile before I went to sleep). Morning UK time, the old day tape was shown by Music India, I was not expecting the same on the day of Shaheedi Purab as I wanted to listen to the whole Keertan of Bhai Surinder Singh jee Jodhpuri and had set my Sky+ to record it.

Today, on 25th November 2011, the evening recording of yesterday (24/11/2011) is being shown, however, evening program was done by some other Raagi Jee.

The daily programme coverage has gone weak since Music India has taken over; and the management of programes to be shown is not very effective.

It was better with Zee-Punjabi (let's not go into arguments on its owner etc.).


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