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Badal Draws Flak From Sikh Bodies Over Award, Bjp Want Badal To Receive Nobel Peace Prize

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Various Sikh organisations have reacted sharply to the Akal Takht Jathedar's announcement to award Panth Rattan Faqr-e-Qaum to Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal at Anandpur Sahib yesterday.

Former SGPC secretary and Shiromani Panthic Council chairman Manjeet Singh Calcutta, in a release issued here today, termed the announcement as "unprincipled" and said among Sikhs such an award was given to an individual for his services to the "Panth". He said there are several deserving Sikhs like Bhai Veer Singh, Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha, Prof Jodh Singh and Prof Mohan Singh who have served the religion immensely.

"If Badal has been given this award merely for raising memorials, then there are many Babas who have done a great contribution with their kar sewa," he said.

DSGMC chief Paramjit Singh Sarna said the five Sikh high priests should tell the community as to why they should feel proud of Badal. "Should we be proud of the fact that Sikhism is on the decline in Punjab under the SAD-ruled SGPC?" said Sarna. "Golden Temple's Head Granthi Bhai Jaswinder Singh himself stated at Anandpur Sahib yesterday that 90 to 95 per cent Sikh youth in Punjab had become 'patit' (apostate)."

Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwarpal Singh said the announcement had led to mockery of the significance of the award. Addressing the media in Hoshiarpur, he said, “Badal is not Faqr-e-quam (pride of the community) but fiqr-e-quam (headache for the community).”

SAD (1920) senior vice-president Raghubir Singh Rajasansi said the Jathedar should review the matter.

Meanwhile, Khalra Mission Organisation chief Harmandeep Singh Sarhali said the Sikh Panth would never acknowledge the award bestowed upon the CM as it was against the teachings of Sikh Gurus. He accused Badal of "rewarding the officials who worked against Sikh interests in the 1984 Operation Bluestar and the subsequent turbulent days of militancy in Punjab".

BJP for Nobel to CM

BJP leader Tikshan Sud has sought Nobel Peace Prize for Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal for his “service to humanity as well as world peace during his political career”.

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BJP for Nobel to CM

BJP leader Tikshan Sud has sought Nobel Peace Prize for Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal for his “service to humanity as well as world peace during his political career”.

the same individual who sant baba jarnail singh went to to stop the anti-sikh narakhdhari gathering in amritsar and allowed the massacre that day to take place. the same individual who gave the go ahead for the army attack on sri darbar sahib. the same individual who promised for ensaaf for the killings of sikh youth in the 80's and the 90s but instead protected the killers. The same individual who whilst warned gave the go ahead of the noormalia gathering in ludhiana which led to the vicious attacks on sikhs. The list is endless, the police follow what badal says and orders and we all know the tortore and fake encounters that they are responsible for. that says enough.

His whole family are intoxicated with power and do whatever possilbe to gain that seat. He is using individuals with prominance in the country and the media to programme the people of punjab to see him as a hero and icon for the state which he is not, but as most of us in the west know him as a power hungry villain in sikh uniform.

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The heritage of Sikhi is built with the blood and sacrifice of our Great Gurus and Shaheeds.

It can not be built by patit Panth dokhees such as Badal who have taken every opportunity since 1978 to suppress the true Sikh Spirit.

At a physical level, those who have visited the complex state that it is a cheap expo on Punjabi culture and NOT Sikh culture.

Even the design of the building has nothing to do with Sikhi.

The "Virast-e-Khalsa" stunt is a shameful event for the Sikh quam.

Badal is Panthic Enemy #1, and this function was all about promoting this Panthic enemy in the upcoming elections.

Those who promoted this function (including the puppet Jathedars, gutless Nihangs, and sadhs (akhautee sants) will always be remembered for their treachery.

By siding with Badal they have proved that they are walking and talking ਮੁਰਦੇ (zombies) with no conscious -because death of the conscious IS REAL DEATH.

For the sake of saving face with their Akali/BJP/RSS masters, these self-serving cronies have turned their backs to the proud heritage of Sikhi - this is something the Panth should never forget, just as we have not forgotten the likes of Arroor Sinh, Zail Sinh, and others.

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why not give badal the nobel peace prize? It's not the first time it has been given to someone who has had lots of people killed.

When badal was CM of Panjab in 1970 Akali Govt, there was a movement by some communist factions which turned violent, known as the naxalite movement. badal ordered the police to kill these naxalites and claim they were killed in encounters. YES! the present cm of panjab was the one who started the extra-judicial killings of political opponents, at least a decade before bluestar/akali morcha. False police encounters started by a so-called akali.

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I have hope that in the future when Sikhi is in full glory, this honour (if awarded to Badal) will be withdrawn and nullified. This will only happen when the Sikh leaders and jathedars will have the principles and courage to do what is right instead of standing around in the background twiddling their thumbs.

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    • It's been happening regularly to @dallysingh101 for some time. And if you know a certain detail it only makes it more obvious that certain people are being targetted not their content. 
    • I'm confused. Is this a farmer protest issue or a Guru Sahib desecration problem?
    • https://indianexpress.com/article/north-east-india/meghalaya/sikh-punjabi-shillong-sad-megahalaya-governor-7572180/   Sikh delegation reaches Meghalaya, requests Guv to intervene in relocation decision “We shared our concerns and he assured us that no injustice will be done and the residents will not be removed illegally,” DSGMC President Manjinder Singh Sirsa told The Indian Express. Written by Tora Agarwala | Guwahati | October 14, 2021 10:31:08 pm A delegation of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DGMC) with Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik. (Twitter/mssirsa)   Keeping the pressure up on the Meghalaya government to revoke its decision of relocating Dalit Sikh residents of Them lew Mawlong area in Shillong, a delegation of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) Thursday requested the intervention of Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik in the matter. “We shared our concerns and he assured us that no injustice will be done and the residents will not be removed illegally,” DSGMC President Manjinder Singh Sirsa told The Indian Express. A four-member team, led by Sirsa — who is also the National Spokesperson of Shiromani Akali Dal — met Malik at his official residence in Shillong earlier on Thursday afternoon. “He said he had already taken up the matter with Chief Minister Meghalaya Conrad Sangma as well,” said Sirsa, adding that they could not meet the Chief Minister because he was out of town. The Sangma-led Cabinet’s October 7 decision to relocate the Sikh community from the area, also called the Punjabi Lane, based on recommendations made by a high-level committee, had drawn protests from the residents, who claim that they have been living in the area since the 1850s, after they were brought by the British to work as scavengers and sweepers in the region. While the government claims that the land belongs to the Urban Affairs Department, the Sikhs say the land was “gifted” to them by the Syiem (chief) of Hima Mylliem – one of the chiefdoms in Khasi Hills – in the 1850s. The land dispute has simmered for decades, with sections of society and political organisations in Meghalaya demanding that residents be shifted to some other area. It took a violent turn in May 2018, leading to clashes between local Khasis and Sikhs of the area, after which a high-level committee was formed to settle it. While Sikh groups have called the move “illegal”, “unjust” and “unconstitutional”, with leaders saying they would take the matter up with Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the Meghalaya government has stood firm on its decision so far. On Monday, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong had told The Indian Express that they had “followed due diligence” on the issue. Sirsa said that since a status quo had been ordered by Meghalaya High Court on 9 April, 2021 based on a petition filed by Sikh groups in 2018, the high-level committee had no power to make such a decision. “The residents cannot be relocated without following due process,” he said. In a representation to Malik, DSGMC — an autonomous organisation that manages Gurudwaras, hospitals, educational institutions and welfare of Sikhs — that the Meghalaya government’s decision to take “possession” of the land is an action towards “instigating clashes” that can “spiral into violent unrest.” It also added that the government of Meghalaya asking the Urban Affairs Department to work out a relocation plan may lead to instigating the residents, “without even granting them an opportunity to say anything.” “The unilateral decision of the government in the name of illegal settlers is highly unconstitutional in nature and despite the directions of Hon’ble High Court they are not stopping from going ahead” it added. Gurjit Singh, President of the Harijan Panchayat Committee, which represents members of the Sikh Dalit community in Shillong, said that they felt “more confident” after the DSGMC meeting with Malik. “We are hopeful that the government will rethink their decision,” he said.
    • https://www.thedrum.com/news/2021/10/14/zulu-alpha-kilo-shares-how-it-helped-harley-davidson-protect-sikh-bikers-with-the   Zulu Alpha Kilo shares how it helped Harley-Davidson protect Sikh bikers with the Tough Turban By Awards Analyst - October 14, 2021 The Tough Turban camapign aimed to improve safety conditions for Sikh motorcyclists.   The challenge Harley-Davidson is a brand built on a love for the open road and its riders are passionate for the freedom that it offers. Yet for some riders, that freedom has come at the expense of their safety and their very identity. For Sikh men, the turban is a deeply important part of their identity. For decades, Sikhs who rode motorcycles found themselves choosing between their beliefs and their safety as all Sikh men are required to cover their hair as a symbol of respect and humility. Because traditional motorcycle helmets violate this religious tenet, the government in the Canadian province of Ontario passed legislation in 2018 that exempts Sikh men from the law requiring all motorcycle riders to wear protective helmets. The exemption was a hard-won step forward, but it also introduced a critical question: how could Sikh riders engage in their passion and still ensure their safety while riding without a traditional helmet? This created an interesting and unusual challenge: how to develop an alternative to a motorcycle helmet so Sikh motorcyclists would no longer have to choose between their beliefs and their safety. The strategy If anyone could address this challenge it would be the world’s most iconic motorcycle brand and its largest Canadian dealership, Pfaff Harley-Davidson in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Harley-Davidson attracts riders of all cultures, yet is often perceived to be the choice of old white men. Stepping up to a challenge like this was an opportunity for Harley-Davidson to help a group of riders overcome a big hurdle to fully embracing their passion – and to send a signal about the importance of diversity. The size of the need is large – Canada is second only to India in the number of Sikhs in the country. Through conversations with Sikh riders an interesting historical truth was discovered. In ancient times, Sikh warriors would go into battle with chain mail woven into the fabric of their turbans. This provided protection without violating religious tenets. It sparked our thinking: why couldn’t a modern-day equivalent be created to provide the safety that Sikhs deserve? It also led to the insight driving the initiative: with the right motorcycle gear, Sikh riders could be empowered to protect who they are. The campaign Tough Turban is a marriage of ancient traditions and modern, high-tech engineering. It’s a turban made of impact-resistant materials that also fully respects the requirements of the Sikh faith. A critical step was the development of the turban itself. Armed with a powerful concept, we assembled our team of industrial design experts with experience in 3D printing and composite fabrics used in bulletproof clothing. After a series of prototypes, a final design was developed. About half the overall fabric is normal turban material, but the outer layers include Dyneema, a 3D-printed carbon-fibre take on chain mail, and non-Newtonian foam, which is normally pliable but hardens instantly on impact. These are the elements that make it a tougher turban. With the design complete, the next part of the plan was the communications needed to get the word out. A website was the anchor of the effort. It houses a video that profiles several Sikh riders discussing the need the Tough Turban addressed, as well as highlighting how the turban was actually engineered. Along with the video, open-sourced production files for the turban were published to enable manufacturers anywhere in the world to be able to produce the turbans in their own markets. PR support outlining the initiative launched in early June, including posts on all of Pfaff Harley-Davidson’s social channels. The results The Tough Turban initiative has been a resounding success. Media response exploded overnight with coverage in 171 US media outlets, 54 in Canada, 18 in the UK and 11 in India, totaling 238.8m earned impressions and an advertising value of $2.19m. Quantitative research with people who own or are planning to buy a motorcycle showed a significant shift in perception after they’d been exposed to the Tough Turban initiative: 87% saw Harley-Davidson as more favourable 86% saw Harley-Davidson as more innovative 83% saw Harley-Davidson as more inclusive 85% were more likely to consider buying a Harley-Davidson Three manufacturers have reached out to explore large-scale production, including the world’s largest producer of two-wheeled motorized vehicles. The potential to save lives through this idea is enormous. It could offer protection to millions of Sikh motorcyclists globally.
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