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Badal Draws Flak From Sikh Bodies Over Award, Bjp Want Badal To Receive Nobel Peace Prize

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Various Sikh organisations have reacted sharply to the Akal Takht Jathedar's announcement to award Panth Rattan Faqr-e-Qaum to Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal at Anandpur Sahib yesterday.

Former SGPC secretary and Shiromani Panthic Council chairman Manjeet Singh Calcutta, in a release issued here today, termed the announcement as "unprincipled" and said among Sikhs such an award was given to an individual for his services to the "Panth". He said there are several deserving Sikhs like Bhai Veer Singh, Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha, Prof Jodh Singh and Prof Mohan Singh who have served the religion immensely.

"If Badal has been given this award merely for raising memorials, then there are many Babas who have done a great contribution with their kar sewa," he said.

DSGMC chief Paramjit Singh Sarna said the five Sikh high priests should tell the community as to why they should feel proud of Badal. "Should we be proud of the fact that Sikhism is on the decline in Punjab under the SAD-ruled SGPC?" said Sarna. "Golden Temple's Head Granthi Bhai Jaswinder Singh himself stated at Anandpur Sahib yesterday that 90 to 95 per cent Sikh youth in Punjab had become 'patit' (apostate)."

Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwarpal Singh said the announcement had led to mockery of the significance of the award. Addressing the media in Hoshiarpur, he said, “Badal is not Faqr-e-quam (pride of the community) but fiqr-e-quam (headache for the community).”

SAD (1920) senior vice-president Raghubir Singh Rajasansi said the Jathedar should review the matter.

Meanwhile, Khalra Mission Organisation chief Harmandeep Singh Sarhali said the Sikh Panth would never acknowledge the award bestowed upon the CM as it was against the teachings of Sikh Gurus. He accused Badal of "rewarding the officials who worked against Sikh interests in the 1984 Operation Bluestar and the subsequent turbulent days of militancy in Punjab".

BJP for Nobel to CM

BJP leader Tikshan Sud has sought Nobel Peace Prize for Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal for his “service to humanity as well as world peace during his political career”.

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BJP for Nobel to CM

BJP leader Tikshan Sud has sought Nobel Peace Prize for Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal for his “service to humanity as well as world peace during his political career”.

the same individual who sant baba jarnail singh went to to stop the anti-sikh narakhdhari gathering in amritsar and allowed the massacre that day to take place. the same individual who gave the go ahead for the army attack on sri darbar sahib. the same individual who promised for ensaaf for the killings of sikh youth in the 80's and the 90s but instead protected the killers. The same individual who whilst warned gave the go ahead of the noormalia gathering in ludhiana which led to the vicious attacks on sikhs. The list is endless, the police follow what badal says and orders and we all know the tortore and fake encounters that they are responsible for. that says enough.

His whole family are intoxicated with power and do whatever possilbe to gain that seat. He is using individuals with prominance in the country and the media to programme the people of punjab to see him as a hero and icon for the state which he is not, but as most of us in the west know him as a power hungry villain in sikh uniform.

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The heritage of Sikhi is built with the blood and sacrifice of our Great Gurus and Shaheeds.

It can not be built by patit Panth dokhees such as Badal who have taken every opportunity since 1978 to suppress the true Sikh Spirit.

At a physical level, those who have visited the complex state that it is a cheap expo on Punjabi culture and NOT Sikh culture.

Even the design of the building has nothing to do with Sikhi.

The "Virast-e-Khalsa" stunt is a shameful event for the Sikh quam.

Badal is Panthic Enemy #1, and this function was all about promoting this Panthic enemy in the upcoming elections.

Those who promoted this function (including the puppet Jathedars, gutless Nihangs, and sadhs (akhautee sants) will always be remembered for their treachery.

By siding with Badal they have proved that they are walking and talking ਮੁਰਦੇ (zombies) with no conscious -because death of the conscious IS REAL DEATH.

For the sake of saving face with their Akali/BJP/RSS masters, these self-serving cronies have turned their backs to the proud heritage of Sikhi - this is something the Panth should never forget, just as we have not forgotten the likes of Arroor Sinh, Zail Sinh, and others.

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why not give badal the nobel peace prize? It's not the first time it has been given to someone who has had lots of people killed.

When badal was CM of Panjab in 1970 Akali Govt, there was a movement by some communist factions which turned violent, known as the naxalite movement. badal ordered the police to kill these naxalites and claim they were killed in encounters. YES! the present cm of panjab was the one who started the extra-judicial killings of political opponents, at least a decade before bluestar/akali morcha. False police encounters started by a so-called akali.

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I have hope that in the future when Sikhi is in full glory, this honour (if awarded to Badal) will be withdrawn and nullified. This will only happen when the Sikh leaders and jathedars will have the principles and courage to do what is right instead of standing around in the background twiddling their thumbs.

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