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Help Of Sangat Is Needed.

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Bhaji, try to be thoughtful and conscious about life- it is very precious. it takes just a second for it to change- thoughts come and go. everyone has a bad period in their lifes and struggle to live in this world that is filled with so much filth (e.g. lust, anger, attachment, greed and ego), but there is the sadh sangat where the guru sahib abides in. do as much sangat as possible and these thoguhts will just bow at your feet- try to go to the gurdwara atleast everyday and sit down and do naam simran. thats what i did- i went to the gurdwara everyday in the morning and after college whether it was dark or raining and listened to path and katha and i was a depressed mona back then and a year later i now keep my hair and love going to the sangat and listening to gurbani.

maya is just anything that distracts us from god- do not get too agitated by it, it can be controlled by doing meditation on naam simran and controling the breath (consciously breathing in and out) and this should programme your mind to appreciate what you have got (give you contentment) and experience the creater (give you peace). Remember first a thought then an action- just like you have a bath everyday, it also is important to clean yout thoughts- thoughts are natural, they are in your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is cleaned by naam simran and good sangat. Hope that helped but i do advise that you get help from a psychologist or any other professional. :smile2:

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jagminder84 jeeo - very beautiful post and to the point- perfect.

the world is chikeeear and as sikhs - sangat is the only place that can save us along with out kamaai of naam gurbani .

try mool mantar - with breathing - 1 jaap as you breath in 2-3 in the mind as you hold your breath and one jaap while breathing out. - try for 10mins and build up to an hour if you can over time and see how things change and report back here too

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