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Radha Swami Agents In Gurdwaras For Many Year


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Khalsa Jeo,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

It has come to my attention that for many years the Radha Swami's have sent there agents to poison our youth.

How are they doing?

They are doing using the so called Martial Art : SHIN KIN!!!!!

Which is a load of bakwas!!!

There head Rahda swami agent is a guy called Kalwinder Swami aka ROB!!!

I have nephews who his sub agaents have asked to come to there sangat!!!

Khalsa what can we do about this these Radha swami are using dirty tactics and trying to covert out youth using these tactics.

Please be aware go to a non sikh if you have to!!! to learn Matial Arts.

Khalsa please let every know if you have experianced the same thing.


Nihang Baba Hanuman Singh

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