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Effects Of Being Without Sangat For Months

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I was sent to a remote place with no Sikhs, no internet and even the phone network was unreliable at most times. In a way it was good, a break from our electronics driven lives but being without Sangat was like torture. Of course Guru Sahib is ang-sang and Gurbani is always available through Gutka Sahibs and Pothis, but at my low avastha the company of like minded people is vital.

Those of you in places that have regular events, good Sangat etc should thank Waheguru everyday!

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Akal Purakh is everywhere. So by reading/listening to Gurbani at home/alone you are transferred amongst the Sadh Sangat of the true Sain!

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