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Mma Boxing Krav Mega Vs Traditional Martial Arts Shastar Vidya


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Alot of threads by people talking about martial arts who clearly know nothing about combat

Watched the video's of shastar vidya on youtube even new once its a waste of time. If you are to scared to train in real combat then yea go to niddar singh

traditional martial arts are better then learning nothing and if you have the right trainer they can be effective in a street fight but remember that the top kung fu fighters and ninjitsu fighters from asia and all these other traditional martial arts got their butts kicked by boxers muay thai fighters wrestlers ji jitsu artists in the first ufc's pride and vale tudo tournments

PS when ufc and pride started they had vale tudo rules which is no rules fighting anything goes

cause boxers muay thai fighters destroyed all the other traditional martial artists in standup and wrestlers and ji jitsu artists destroyed all the traditional martial artists in ground fighting is how mma came to be. So fighters competing started to forget traditional martial arts and moved to boxing muay thai wrestling ji jitsu hence what is considered mma today

As well dan hardy ufc fighter from the uk trained in the most famous ancient kung fu temples in china and has said that he gained alot of mental strength but you can't use most that stuff against muay thai fighters and boxers and ji jitsu artists and wrestlers unless you want to get your behind handed to you

Many ufc fighters started off in traditional martial arts like george st pierre but now train in muay thai boxiing wrestling ji jitsu cause thanks to ufc and pride and vale tudo tournments we got to see what works

so if mma fighters have kicked the day lights out of traditional martial artists then its your best bet to train in mma

Just to add don't know how it works in uk but in the states after 3 to 5 years of hard training in boxing and mma the police register your hands if your a boxer and your body if your a mma fighter as weapons so if they choose to fight they will be charged with assult with weapon

Now this doesn't happen with traditional martial artists unless they bin training for decades but any traditional martial arts school you go to you'll find a fat a** with a black belt. You don't see fat a** at a muay thai gym or boxing gym or mma gym who has bin training for more then a year instead your going to find guys shreded

For the singh's who cry girls only want mona, if you join a good boxing gym or mma gym and you train hard for 6 month you'll notice your fat belly disapear and your body get ripped, ps girls love guys that are ripped

most people 90% of people dont' have the mental toughness to hit up a muay thai gym or boxing gym or mma gym 3 to 5 times a week for a year straight so its better for thsoe 90% to train in something easier like traditional martial arts

when it comes to street fighting with weapions nothing beats krav mega for weapions cause the israeli commandos use it every day

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