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Why Are So Many Singh'S Out Of Shape

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To train the body in order to attract the opposite sex is manmat and contradictory to Gurmat.

We exercise so that we can be healthy and also increase endurance, strength etc to help in combat.

I see kesdhari Singh's wearing tight tshirts and jeans. Such Singh's do not look good. A true Singh will wear clothes that do not expose his body shape such as kurta pujama or loose fitting clothing. A Gura ka Sikh seeks the nazar (glance) of Akal Purakh and not the opposite sex.

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yubacitysingh, you sound like a broken record. How many times will you ask the same question over and over again? I'm putting an end to this thread. If out of shape singhs bother you this much, I suggest that you go and personally talk to them to get an explanation of why they are out of shape.

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