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There was 3 days Kirtan Darbar on the Occasion of Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Gobind singh ji Maharajlive telecasted on Chardikala TV.

Lot of Mahan Shakisheeatsand Sant Mahapurshs attended this Darbar. Bhai Gurbachan singh ji(Jathedar Shri Harimandirsahib), Bhai Iqbal singh ji(jathdar Sri Patna sahib), Santkashmir singh ji Bhooriwale, Sant Yoga singhji, Sant Baba Harnaam singh ji(Damdami Taksal), Sant Satnam singhji(Neeldhari) and few more sants(whose names i cannot remember) and lotof sangat from foreign countries attended this Kirtan darbar.

There was Sant Samagam also where Sant Mahapursh shared their Anmol Bachans with Sangat.

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Giani Iqbal singh ji did not say anything like that. i heard the programme and iqbal singh seems to have a lot of knowledge.

All was being said that Guru sahib's 350th birthday falls in 2016 and there will be massive celebration for that. Missionary elements

and darshan ragi's website distorts this and present in their false version.

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damn missionaries and their followers, that would be a good way to discredit and bring down the jathedar...the news articles which said that also brought up how jathedar sahib brought ghagga and slanders of dasam granth to exposure.... the followers of missionaries like dal khalsa uk slandering him to bring down followers of baani and those that speak about it, seems like it if thats the case

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I cannot forgive the Jathedar of Akal Takht sahib honouring badal with faker-e-kaum, especially after Badal parwar and his party hounoured the dusht Advani. Also the continued support of the Akal Takht Jathedar and Badal from Sant Samaj is unbelievable. Sant Jarnail Singh ji would definetely have admonished the Jathedar and Badal.



Here is Iqbal Singh and Akal Takht Jathedar standing side by side with Badal. Its unbelievable that these so called leaders are still receiving support from the sangat.

We seem to be quick to forget. It was Badal who honoured Advani in November yet Sant Samaj, Takht Jathedars stayed silent. Then they went as far as honouring him with pride-of-the-panth award. While Advani had bullet proof bus our own Singh's were being beaten by the police!


How can Jathedars and Sant Samaj support Badal after this!

Satguru Mehar Karan!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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I happened to watch the programme of patna sahib telecast live on 7 TV. It was a great gathering

with sangat in diwan even at late night. Lot of Dasam bani especially from Bachitra natak was read.

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GPS, Which is this 7 TV? On which SKY channel it comes in UK?

Jassinghkhalsa ji

The channel is 7 SEA. It is a channel on Indian TV and i am not aware if it is available in UK.

There is live telecast of patna sahib programme morning and evening each day on this channel.

Here is the link


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This man is best friend of Darshan Ragi and darshan ragi stays

at his house. he claims to represent dal khalsa that is always anti

akal takhat and pro congress. So do not believe what he is saying as

it is a propaganda video.

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the current dal khalsa is a corrupt and phony organisation....its leaders are openly supporting those who are excommunicated from the panth....in a picture taken yesterday kanwarpal bittu was seen meeting darshan lal in amritsar...

such organisations that serve no good for the panth should be shunned....

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    • I think there are various different reasons for that. One being there are no consequences, which means no boundaries. Around 20 years ago people had to face consequences. With wanting to marry a non-Sikh, you were either disowned by your parents or you were forced to marry someone from a Sikh background. Now there are absolutely no consequences at all.   Much of it is to do with how the religions are practiced and preached. Muslims are constantly reminded of Hell, marrying non-Muslim means going to hell.  You see Sikhi isn't that different in that sense. Bani constantly reminds us of Narak and Dharam raj, and Guru Gobind Singh gave strict Hukkam of giving you daughters hand only to a Singh. But, the Sikhi which has been preached and practiced for long is a very wishy-washy Bollywood type of Sikhi.  Around 15 years ago, our community saw an explosion of love marriages, around this time very large numbers of Sikh kids started enrolling into further education, like uni etc   these things bring about cultural changes in immigrant communities, some positive some negative.  With time, culture changes as well ..   In the old days after anand karaj the "reception party" was basically roti and then everyone went home. Some families used to have singers and dancers perform after the wedding in the house, men were allowed to sit and watch while women were strictly forbidden, so women would peak through the windows or from the roof tops. Years later it became acceptable for women to sit and watch the "entertainment". Eventually the entertainment became reception parties as we see in the west and people in Punjab started copying. Now people are having reception parties in nothing less than 4* venues, spending £100,000s,  we see brides openly drinking and getting drunk.  So you can see how culture changes ...  with this change peoples attitudes change.  Another interesting thing is here in the west the first South Asian community to push boundaries and make taboos acceptable are the Hindus!   then around 5 years later the Westernized, liberal kind of Sikhs copy the Hindus and then a few years later the rest of the community start following. Pakistanis normally catch up around 10 years later.  Its the order ... Homosexuality is now acceptable among the western Hindu community, so many gay hindus are coming out and having gay mandir weddings and their families are supportive. I know a Gujji girl and her cousin is a lesbian and dating another Hindu lesbian, my friend sent me a photo of them! and both the families have accepted the couple. Currently the Sikh community, on this matter, is in the "debate phase"  give it another few years and it will be acceptable, and it will be the same Westernized, liberal, often successful and pagh wearing Sikhs that will be the first to make gay Sikh marriage acceptable, and then the rest of us will follow. Pakis will catch up around 10 years later.    Even in the paki community I've seen a lot of changes, some of the stuff that they do now wouldn't have been accepted 15 years ago or so. Apostasy among Muslims is on the rise, the women seem to be leading it!  I
    • Parent 1. Obviously it depends on the content and the aim of the school. It would be good to have all aspects of Sikhi in one place which has authenticity. No too much pressure for them to learn and churn out material to sit exams. It would be more of quality rather than quantity . 2. Support level , to get a clear understanding what will be taught and the kids and parents expectations right from the beginning. 3. Yes Cost does matter. We have 100's of Gurudawara who should have a budget set aside to invest in the kids and our future generation. So ideas such as this can be researched and developed without thinking about funding. If the cost was reasonable I would pay plus as already mentioned if free its not taken seriously. 4. Self paced is good , but there needs to be a facility where questions can be answered. May be have one or 2 live sessions and the rest self paced.   Sangat 1. Yes there should be tiers , but I think most importantly the material should be authentic. As theres a lot of online material , which ones are good resources , average and bad . 2. May be set up some kind of certification structure for sikhi which over time is recognized and can be used by individuals to train/educate other members of the public. Like many certification courses , they cost but not too much ( starting form £10 plus) The task should be to get as many people doing the online courses as possible, then the price can be low and you will cover your costs. 3.It should be focused to all the public regardless of their background. Made available to businesses ,schools, colleges, universities as part of the establishments diversification program. You have organisations such as Basics of Sikhi , Rajoana TV , Sikh Network etc.. who are doing a brillant job of explaining about sikhi. Tap in to them , make it a collective journey as you may find , they may already have a structure , resources in place , they just need a proper online presence. Reach out to the Sangat who have gyan about Sikhi  via social media and Gurudawara , as there are many Scholars out their. Why is Basics of Sikhi successful , because they keep it simple , easy to understand and follow.  As a parent one of the biggest hurdles for kids is speaking punjabi. Having dialogue with their parents/grandparents . My younger one , hardly speaks punjabi , but what I have found is sikh stories helps a lot. May be have online live sessions where sangat speak punjabi , general punjabi so at least they can particpate in conversations with the elder generation.  
    • wjkk wjkf ji you are a daughter of Sri Guru Gobind singh ji. you are on a right track and doing good job please don't use the word Pappi for yourself! chardi kla!
    • Mediterranean or Greek Food - Veggie Gyros, Gemista, any food or snack with Hummus Italian - Pasta (non-egg), Italian authentic Thin crust pizza with olive oil and less cheese Mexican - Burritos South Indian - Iddli/Sambar. Dosa with their cocunut chutney  
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