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Videos - Sant Giani Mohan Singh


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Giani jee is a excellent Gurmukh.

A Gurubhai of Baba Mohan Singh once told me that in India every year there used to be a vidvaan samelan where scholars of many schools would gather and decide that they will have a discussion on one particular topic and a unanimous decision would be made on who is the sri mahant in terms of vidiya, gyaan for that particular year. What they would do is rap a prize and a lot of money in a bag and hang it on a tree and the winner would be entitled to it.

Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh was going past with Baba Mohan et al when some of the hindu's disrespectfully stated that Sikhs have lost their vidiya passed down to them from their Guru's. Baba Mohan Singh addressed Baba Gurbachan Singh and said please lets go and join the sanmelan. Baba Gurbachan said no leave it what do we want from prizes, we don't have to prove anything.

But the young Baba Mohan Singh was at his heights of Brahm Gyaan and had deep schooling from the Dam Dami Taksal. He insisted on the jatha joining the sanmela and that Baba Mohan Singh would participate in the topic of discussion.

To everyones amazement Baba Mohan Singh did such a great katha that he was the winner unanimously and given the sri mahant decree and Baba ji reached for the prize from the tree and left with Jatherdar Baba Gurbachan Singh. In them days what Baba Ji had won was a lot of money.

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