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Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ke Fateh!

Daas is co-president at Kings College London University Sikh Society and with a group of students we have started a new project called 'Sikhi Explored', where we research and write about Sikh historic events. We design the newsletters ourselves and reference all our sources. All the writing is original and we refrain from copy and pasting from websites. The aim is to produce articles that are interesting for Sikh students/ youth to read and give them a basic understanding of key ithiaas.

We read different aritcles, books and listen to katha to make sure the history is as accurate as possible. We give a basic summary to make sure that students and Sikh Youth are not put off by the length of the articles.

So far we have produced 5 articles on; Shaheedi of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Jee, Birthday of Sahibzada Baba Fateh Singh, Battle of Chamkaur Sahib, Shaheedi of Chotte Sahibzade and finally Guru Gobind Singh Jee and His beautiful Gurbani.

We have a dedicated site www.kclsikhsoc.wordpress.com, which is used to publish the work and I humbly ask if you can look through the articles which we have written and if you approve, perhaps share them with Sikh Youth/ Students.

If you could also provide us with some feedback either by replying to this post or on the site, than that would be much appreciated as it is only with Sangats input that we can improve.

Please let me know if there is anybody would like to support this and I would also like to say that we are happy to take off any logos, as we are not looking to promote the name of KCL Sikh Soc, but only want Sikh Youth to learn about our beautiful and rich history.

Forgive me in advance if we have made any mistakes. Gurfateh!

(You can also email us at sikh.soc@kcl.ac.uk)

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    • Yh that was another thing!  Some bhamans 14 yr old son died and they came to rams court asking him to make the boy alive again, ram then asked his council of rishis what to do and one of the rishis said that the boy has died because a shudra is going tapasya somewhere. The rishis said that in tret yuga that only a bhaman and ksyathria can carry out religious duties.  Because a shudra is doing tapasya it has created imbalance and it is the kings duty to sort the imbalance out.   So ram went on a mission looking for a shudra doing tapasya    and in the south country he came across a man hanging upside down on a tree meditating. Initially ram was impressed and asked him what he is trying to attain and the guy said that hes trying to attain the solar system and heavens,  then ram asked him what caste he belongs too,  the guy said he is a shudra, ram then realized this is the shudra that hes looking for and he took out his sword and cut his head off!   All the demi gods then started showering ram with flower petals. By killing the shudra the bhamans son came alive and the balance was restored again!  I have to say rams justice was all over the place in ramayan !   Ramayan happened in treta yug and the rishis in it say that in the current treta yug society was divided into 4 social orders by manu, the same guy who wrote the horrific manusmriti, and that in this yug the khsaytriyas have joined the bhamans in carrying out religious duties, and that kalyug will be the dark ages and that even the shudra will join in worship.   It's still a interesting read though lol!  Judging by rams tantrums and emotional breakdowns he definitely was not perfect.  I prefer lakshman and hanumans characters.  Poor sita is just depressed throughout the whole thing!  If ramayan is truthful to what treta yug was like then people definitely had ego and anger problems and were very lustful.   Promises were respected though and people stuck to their word! Elders were still respected as well. friendships especially brotherhood is really strong as well.  Marriage was not respected though they all cheating on each other lol 
    • definitely a murderer he killed shudar for doing tapsaya, maybe that's why RSS love him so , he attacks foreigners and lowcaste people
    • It could very well be that Hindus see Rama as a flawed individual who had to overcome all his faults.
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