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[New] Zakir Naik On Guru Nanak Ji Going To Mecca


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in that case much of stuf written in Koran is not recorded in science. whats his point? Waheguru can do whatever he wishes. Love how all the men are outraged and starting a ruckass at why such a blasphemus question was able to be asked!!! Hope the Singh got out ok, and Fateh to the Singh for going into such a hostile environment at his own risk and posing the question.

one singh really is equal to 125000!

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he says he has read Guru Granth Sahib, but also re Guru Nanak Dev Ji, at Mecca, it was not uncommon for people of religion to destroy any evidence of events occuring that belittled their religion or exposed it.

i give the example of one of the caliphs holding 12 different versions of the Koran, keeping the one he thought to be the best, and burning the remaining 11.

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I love how he buys time by giving a 11th grade description of what Sikhism is.

Exactly bhaji, his annoying- its best if we do not go near any of his lectures because he will only create doubts and controversy in the minds of young, impressionable sikhs. He may have good knowledge of islam but when it comes to other religions he tries to belittle them and tries to make islam look superior and complete. i remember when he once mentioned that prophet muhammed was kalki avtar when comparing islam with hindusim which sounds strange as islam does not believe in reincarnation. he will say any gibberish to get new converts.

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nope exact the opposite - we as sikhs should listen to such bigots and put them right - not just quiten down and do nothing sitting on warm bums- we should produce youtube vidoes in reaction to this with articluate english pointing each and every one of his points

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Guru Nanak in Mecca. That is a subject, which can be debated and no answer will pursue. We need to look into history for an explanation but majority of the time it’s unclear and can confuse the subject matter.

We know from historical artefacts and number of writing by Sikh scholars and third party writings, Guru Nanak did go to Mecca but did Guru Nanak go to Mecca as a Muslim or a revolutionary?

Guru Nanak’s philosophical thought behind concept of God was a breath of fresh but during this era many would have regarded him as a insane.

Going back to the subject matter, Guru Nanak visited Mecca with a friend who was a Muslim and firm believer of Nanak philosophy, speaking to a Muslim historian, there is a belief during the era of Guru Nanak non Muslims were allowed to visit Mecca. There wasn’t a requirement like we have in the present day that only a person who follows the Muslim faith can visit Mecca. Mecca was the knowledge centre for Islam and many people from different faiths would go to Mecca to share ideas.

Could this be the case?

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Just for Share with Sangat about Historic travel to Mecca,

Contemporary Sources of Baba Nanak at Mecca

1) Name: Syaa-hto Baba Nanak Shah Faqir - (16th Century)

Writer - Tajudeen Naqshbandi, A Haaji Met Baba Nanak at Iran

Recorded all moments he passed with Baba Nanak on whole Mecca Trip

2) Name : Twareekh Arab

Writer - Khwaja Jain Ul Abdin (16th Century)

He was present at Mecca when he met Baba Nanak and he mentioned about Baba Nanak in mecca and Martydom of Qazi Rukn - Din for Gurmat he got after discussion with Baba Nanak.

The sources were served among Sangat by Professor Himmat Singh at GNDU.

These sources will soon printed by GNDU.

Best Regards

Sikhi Search

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