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Why Follow A Strict Rehat Maryada

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yeah why ban him? I quite like his posts, just because they are a bit hard to understand because of his short type slang, he also has a right to give opnions too. And dont see him swearing or causing trouble.

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A young child before going to bed whines for sugar filled cookies. Ask many times to eat the cookies from his mom. The young child mom continues to resist to give in, as she knows the conquences to

Why, pray tell, are women not allowed to do Paath? I always thought that, you know, Starting with Guru Nanak that men and women were equal. But since you personally disagree with this, I guess they we

No, outer rehat is not the most difficult, the amritdhari may perhaps find that slander that may come with it is very difficult to overcome, but there is nothing difficult about keeping outer rehat. A

Guest RavindaSingh

Because in all most important threads we waste many posts on decoding what he really means and original motive of the thread is lost in some useless posts

Chill dude its not that much of an issue its barely a waste.

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    • Just see such people as flawed humans (like we all are), but just be aware that these people's flaws means that they could easily lead to your death, and it wouldn't really perturb them much (if at all) because of their sickness.   When I was younger I asked someone about wild stuff I was going through. This is what they told me:  "Dasmesh pita is making you stronger for future." There may be truth in that. I'm no great Sikh but Sikhi has sustained me for a while now. Even I'm surprised sometimes that I'm still alive.  I know it's f**king mad when family who are supposed to be looking out for you, don't and actually endanger you. And you only start to get an idea of this years after, because your mind was clouded with your innocence.  You don't really need me to tell you this, but make sure they don't inadvertently destroy you. With Akaal Purakh's grace, you will protect yourself. Humree karo haath de rachaa.   
    • Great response bro. You clearly understand what you're talking about. 
    • I'm just now learning to. In this regard. I was taught to be empathic and protective from birth, especially towards women, especially towards those who might be ill or afflicted or abused. So... I've lived my entire life wide <banned word filter activated> open, thinking it's Satyug, heart for everybody, running to aid people who's victim narrative is, one of what is about to be, many forms of abuse or manipulatuon of my empathy and principles. I've had everything good used against me. Without Vaheguru Akal Purakh I'd just be dead or broken bro.  And my mom isn't the only one. I have another family member with a young son, who I support, who's a nightmare, a full on...nightmare bro. And now..like.. I'm tethered... I'm going to keep an eye on him and protect him. I don't care what it costs. That's God's son bro....That's my only priority outside of Sikhi and Seva.  Want an idea of what kind of nightmare? Listen to HG Tudor. It's ...spot on .. he's...the self aware expert.   Like bro. I'm going to need a minute to reprocess my life and see if I can't take off the "see the Soul in everyone glasses" and figure out who was decent and who was sick.  This is why Charitropakhyan is in Dasam Granth.  I know my posting style is random, my paradigm somewhat unique..ahem..lol  But over the last ten years I've been infatuated with Sikhi, and the last three or four of that I've really been blessed to immerse and understand more and have Sangat...bro ..Akal saving this wretch's life again, and again. It's been beyond words. And here I am. Beat to hell and back, figuratively sometimes literally, mainly intact, best shape ever some how. Best state of mind ever some how. I'm like...in Pr1me shape, Pr1me mode..... at rock bottom with a burden lol. Optimistic though.  And having Sangat has been huge. Thank you all.     
    • You're blessed to have survived all that brother. You must be strong.  What I find with narcissists/sociopaths is that they aren't capable of processing information in any sort of realistic manner. They are always blameless or victims in whatever has happened (in their own minds). They aren't mentally strong enough for self-critical introspection.  But if you're the type that can do this intuitively, it's hard to grasp why they can't. My understanding is that it is often some neurobiological thing, where areas of the brain that deal with empathy are underdeveloped or not functioning like they are with other 'neuro-typical' people.  I too liken it to a lack of 'theory of mind' like autism. They may have serious memory issues too.  From my grasp and experiences, I think the drink and drugs abuse are symptoms of the mental condition, and not vice versa.   If someone's grip of reality is hazy and prone to changes at a whim, they will be compulsive liars. I have a relative like that. I don't think they can actually be any other way sadly.   You keep your head up bro. Protect yourself. 
    • Man my whole...everything has been popping. My head, neck, my fricking skull plates, back, shoulders, ribs both origin and insertion, wrists. I'll be doing Simran and as everything is releasing this...positive tension builds and I can feel it culminate, then I instinctively...let it come up and out and move my head just a bit, and this most excellent eruption of pops and adjustments goes off. I can feel my eye tension changing, my circulation, mucus clears, breathing opens up. And then the process happens all over again, and over the course of the last few months especially, all this dysfunction, and postural problems, and... I'm a highly trained swordsman and have meditated for years, so my posture is already pretty...on point, but lately with the Bhagti Simran, my posture, aligment everything has been just opening up, balancing out, the work being non stop forces a flow state. There were some injuries and blockages and inbalances I've been growing through for years now, but only Simran, Gurbani, Gurmantar has the ability to break through the painful previous plateaus and release one in a valley of highly effective, pain free living.  What little time I've had to do weapons lately? Bro. Simran has finally opened up things I was trying to unlock with Aikido for years. I know I'm repeating myself. 20 years Aikido training and finally Sikhi has unlocked it.  Breathing Naam.  
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