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Married Couples & Bank Accounts

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A question to married couples (and non-married people who have an opinion on the matter):

How do you/would you manage your finances?

What do you think is the best way to manage money in a relationship?

Should both people to have their wage paid into a joint bank account?

Or should couples have separate accounts with regular communication?

Or maybe a joint account with separate accounts for day to day expenses?

And to married couples: did you find money matters awkward to talk about when you first got married?

What about paying bills etc?

Please share your thoughts and experiences :)

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Guest tejvino

You could have a joint account where you keep savings, if one dies the partner can easily access it even if no will etc

you could also have separate accounts for your day to day activities so that each partner has some independence especially the woman who should not have to go to her husband all the time to ask for funds. If you have a joint account you could be jointly and severally liable for any debts eg overdraft etc so if there is abreakdown in the relationship you need to be warybut hopefully that will never happen if you love each other,

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I think it all depends on Trust, if you want to build it, then better ask spouse how he/she wants to go about it.

Give him or her time to come up with a answer. You can also suggest your way later.

(Note - This suggestion is for Service class couples who are staying alone. It is not applicable when you stay with In-laws)

If staying with in-laws, the girl Must offer her 1st pay check to elders as a mark of Respect.

Throw the ball in their side of court and let them decide !

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Agree with Kaljugi above, that there can be no rules for these issues. However I think as a general principle the two people should be honest and talk openly about money matters even if it is awkward at first - although it shouldn't be awkward - and if it is, then you have to ask, why is it awkward. The Answer is most likely haumai. Joint accounts are a good idea for openness and transparency between a couple, but care should be taken to have savings in different places/investments in case there is ever a problem with a particular account or bank.

As to Guest & Singhni's tussle above, to Guest - you don't need to create your own rules for others. To Singhni - a truly humble Kaur who cares for her inlaws as her own parents would perhaps already have considered this as being a good idea.

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As above, no rules but a good idea to talk to your partner.

I'd have thought it's best that you have a joint account that pays for bills etc, and individual accounts for own purposes. Both should have access (if say online) so you know how much is going in/out. You will need to discuss how much each person puts in and maybe set up standing orders so it's automated.

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"Girl must"..what a joke! What happened to equality?..Our Guru je gave women and men a equal status! Then we come out with "oh the girl must"..were loosing our girls ourselves by giving women/girls lower status than men/boys.

Bibi if you REALLY want Gender Equality then ask your dad to get a Ghar Jamai.

"fir pata lagu barabri da" - Hypocrites

On the other hand think of it this way,

The person who comes to stay in a new home either has to pay ONE time big dowry as Entrance fee or Life time rental.

Similar to a tenant that pays a land lord.

As to Guest & Singhni's tussle above, to Guest - you don't need to create your own rules for others. To Singhni - a truly humble Kaur who cares for her inlaws as her own parents would perhaps already have considered this as being a good idea.

Bibi you could have simply said "What a Brilliant piece of Advice for all women, Thanks a ton Guest"


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