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    • It is called enlightened self interest. You cannot help others if you cannot help yourself first. 
    • The best answer to your SJW bukwas is The Donald's reading of this poem. I doubt you will understand the meaning of the poem and that is why one day reality will bite you on the backside because the world will always punish the gullible and the naïve.     
    • No one saying is you can't help those in need if they come to you for help. What we are saying we should not go out of our way to help those who will turn around and slap you around your face once they aren't in danger any more. It's like when people try to help break up a fight between 2 morons and what usually happens is that the person in the middle the have a go hero usually ends up getting beaten up himself or stabbed and killed. The guru's gave us the example of helping the downtrodden.... 160 million strong indian muslim community with 50 muslim countries to their name, 1.6 billion population are not the weak and downtrodden. The Sikhs are the weak and downtrodden 30 million population and no country to their name. The dalits are downtrodden, non-muslim minorities afghanistan, bangladesh, pakistan are downtrodden, etc,etc. No Guru's never went out of their way to help a religious community that didnt ask Guru sahibs for help. Guru's waited until those in need came to them for help, otherwise they would have been taken for a joke and soft touch going around trying to help mans who didnt ask for help while their own sikhs were weak, oppressed, no Sikh land to their name and getting persecuted to death. The liberal cuck lefty Sikhs have yet to learn the lesson the hard way maybe 1984 wasn't enough for these type of Sikhs as a wake up call to realise that we have no real friends or allies out there. We are out on our own and we need to unite and look out for our own first ALWAYS.  
    • How is it helping or taking sides  when two belligerents are hell bent on destroying each other.  It is none of our business.  We should sit this one out.
    • You can see the leftist wingnut ideology that has taken root in our people from the bukwas that this guy says about the partition. See how he calls those who defeated the Muslim onslaught in East Punjab in 1947 as lootaray and yet those Muslims who were out for the blood of his family in West Punjab are just described as 'Muslims'. See how this sorry excuse of a Sikh almost makes a joke of one of his family members who out of fear became a Muslim ( from 31 mins onwards)  His characterisation of this weak willed individual rationalisation as 'so what... what's the difference between bowing here (Sikhi) and bowing there (Islam). That such fo.ols can belittle Sikhi for which lakhs gave their lives rather than be forcible converted to Islam over the centuries show how deep the malaise has started to run in our people. This foo.l is apparently a principle so you can see how the liberal wingnuts have used their positions to turn our youth into SJW id.iots.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EqgVAiZ-rY  
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