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Guest Nimrata

We bow down to Sri Guru ji , would that also be Anni Sharda because we are not following all the hukams of Guru ji ?

Charan Sadh Ke Dhoye Dhoye peo, ( wash the feet of saints and drink) would you take this line literally or just metaphorically?

Why do we remember all the gurdwares, nishan sahibs and flags of panth, if in fact bowing down to them is anni sharda ?

One day they will say that doing seva of a book is anni sharda, in fact some people say that, where do we draw the line .

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I didn't get your point what you want to say. what is problem in drinking water containing sadh sangat charan thool. Guru Shaib has given more importance to sadh sangat than HIMSELF. Sadh sangat Charan thool can erase many vices and change destinity. How can this be Andhvishwaas. if someone don't want to do then just don't do it. Why you want to stop others. Even if people copy then wahts wrong with it.

I know many poeple just go to Gurudwara and tek matha just because someone else is going. Does it mean that he won't be benefitted with that because he is copying.

I am not saying evryone should do it but let them do if others are want to do it. Don't interfere with them. We are not to judge if someone is doing by heart or not.

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    • You make no sense. I suggest you quell your ego before it leads to further mental health issues.
    • Guest Prabh108
      True Islam is actually similar to Zarathustra path. Also a full one third 30 percent of Satguru’s fauj is/was consisting of Musalmann. it is wrong of u to malign the Prophet of Arabia for two reasons  number one He was very good being- an Avatar incarnation of Shukra dev - Venus graha deity popularly termed as Daynt Guru - Preceptor to Asura- the opposite of Sura- sura is warrior - sura refers to surajdev the solar deity Sun le soleil -  emblem of atma soul  so if sura is warrior I would say opposite is lover as in Sufi-vedantic-bhagti lover of Allah Bhagwan God etc the emblem of Venus is six point star of inverted triangles (the sign coopted by jew) whereas r path is Jupiterian swastika path Now khanda concept of time is somewhat different for the two paths linear vs cyclical but Syrian Statesman Bashar Assad openly speak of reincarnation principle  puranic hinduism permits warrior caste unlimited number of wives Islam restricts man to four wives  Islamics claim their religion put an end to slavery plus true Islam is actually pure vegetaryan plus the afroasiatic practice of sunnat damage to genitals is actually nonislamic  honour killing is strictly a modern mud race Hindu phenomenon— true RigVedic religion is like Sikh religion- liberty equality of males females - no forced marriages  Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) had problems with jews(who amongst us doesn’t)  Akbar tried to create new religion but failed. Ar all times throughout our history approximately half the Sangat in the Gurdvara has been Muslim and half Hindu- I speak of Sangat in our historic ancestral sacred holy homeland of Greater AfPak & environs  the Battles & wars of the NW Subcontinent were never sectarian per se— the conflict was over good governance or lack thereof <banned word filter activated> aurangjeb whom dirty jewess academic  audrey t defends had  his brother murdered and never arranged his daughters marriage in addition to the atrocities against 4 sahibzade u people who say five beloved were from all different castes and regions of India and thus justify intermarriage with even Xtianity freaks tell me why we can’t marry pious musalmann because thirty percent of Guru army was is consisting of Musalmann.- I know their conception rites r different than standard GarbhDhan sanskar of hinduism and there is special recitation from Gurbani for Sikh conception rite and jain by birth Osho says it’s always important to say prayer before intimacy otherwise one is a criminal  rehit maryada says Sikh must marry Sikh and musalmann cannot upon pain of death alter religion - what is rational behind this - ?  I know Pashtun helped our Panth at one critical point in our history— we promised Ummah we would help them if their religion were ever in trouble— well it’s been decades now since the beleaguered Ummah has been suffering the most abject heinous persecution- it’s about time we helped but how?  the people who say Sikh descent from Hindu r stupid because hinduism is a way of life not an ethnicity- Julia Roberts is hindu  the Jats Ramgharia Pashtun Rajput lineages are distinct from caste varnashram system  which is social setup a commonwealth of sorts  caste is from Portuguese word chaste- varna is Tamil Dravidian word for colour - colour of disposition and character of the guna innate qualities of Brahman Kshatriyas vaish sudra - idiots think colour refers to melanin or lack thereof  these Iranic tribes r of south central Asian origin  Anyway don’t listen to anything a non Dharmik person tells u of our history- the tribes comprising the backbone of our Panth have existed since time immemorial- once we were Buddhist some of us Zarathustra some hindu- described simply as “indian pagan” by dr Elst  pagan is variation of Bhagwan   there r Sikh of Afghan descent-Pashtun descent Arabic descent Euro origins too including German Dutch Russian and Bengal origin Sikh  where Akbar failed at creating new religion I would like to succeed/ Baba Nanak blessed Akbar’s Seven Generations to remain in power   mine is simply the renewal and revival of something religion decisively destroyed: Romance- sachaPyar i write book too            
    • If u wake up late. It makes ur whole day late. So have 2 fail proof plans. Get up at Amritvela. Cuz u know if u dont u wont fo ur nitnem. So if u fail to do ur nitnem, ur punishment is u HAVE to wake up at amrit vela the next day. You HAVE TO.  its the least u can do.  But if u do amrit vela and nitnem and then start waking up late. Then habe a time like at 11 am i have to go to Japji sahib. No matter what.  
    • Also new finding was the muslims in Saudi Arabi that turned sikh. Their writings were recently found. Bahi pinderpal singh talks about them in his katha. Google it. A muslim who had turned sikh during guru nanaks time was buried alive or stoned to death. Sorry forgot the name
    • Panjabis. Or girls from sikh families where the grandparents are amritdhari but their kids and grandkids are not.  You can also marry amridhari girls. If you promise to take amrit soon. 
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