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Guest Nimrata

We bow down to Sri Guru ji , would that also be Anni Sharda because we are not following all the hukams of Guru ji ?

Charan Sadh Ke Dhoye Dhoye peo, ( wash the feet of saints and drink) would you take this line literally or just metaphorically?

Why do we remember all the gurdwares, nishan sahibs and flags of panth, if in fact bowing down to them is anni sharda ?

One day they will say that doing seva of a book is anni sharda, in fact some people say that, where do we draw the line .

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I didn't get your point what you want to say. what is problem in drinking water containing sadh sangat charan thool. Guru Shaib has given more importance to sadh sangat than HIMSELF. Sadh sangat Charan thool can erase many vices and change destinity. How can this be Andhvishwaas. if someone don't want to do then just don't do it. Why you want to stop others. Even if people copy then wahts wrong with it.

I know many poeple just go to Gurudwara and tek matha just because someone else is going. Does it mean that he won't be benefitted with that because he is copying.

I am not saying evryone should do it but let them do if others are want to do it. Don't interfere with them. We are not to judge if someone is doing by heart or not.

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