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Sna Gurmat Camp Feb 2012 - Dudley & Birmingham

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

The Sikh Naujawan Academy is proud to present TWO GURMAT CAMPS this month.

The first is a ONE DAY Gurmat Camp in DUDLEY. The town has not had a Sikh Camp aimed at the youth in over a decade, and this is a positive step forward to ensure that Sikh knowledge and values are passed to the younger generation. The camp will be fun, engaging, challenging and will be an excellent opportunity for the youth to make new friends and enjoy the family atmosphere of the Gurmat Camp. The camp will be held at the

One Day SNA Gurmat Camp

At Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara (Dudley)

7 Vicar Street, Dudley , DY2 8RQ


8AM and 6PM

and will be followed by a Keertan Darbaar from 6PM - 9PM. We request the attendance of all our youth from the local area, and if anyone is wishing to help, please get in contact or turn up on the day.

This is an enormous first step in the right direction by the Dudley Sikh Youth Alliance and the Sikh Naujawan Academy is happy to support the advancement of the Sikh Faith. Anyone wishing to help or requring any more info. please contact Giani Sukha Singh: 07956938737 or Facebook message DUDLEY SIKHS.

The second is a TWO DAY SNA Gurmat Camp in BIRMINGHAM. The camp will be held at the

Ramgarhia Gurudwara (Small Heath)

27 29 Waverley Road

Small Heath,

Birmingham, B10 OHG

15TH - 16TH FEB 2012

8AM - 5PM.

Contact: Harbinder Singh: 07973798548.

The camp is a continuation of the SNA's extremely successful Gurmat Camps in the West Midlands area and is sure to draw alot of kids who will be taught about Sikhi, challenged interactively whilst having fun in a relaxed environment. Any sevadaars wishing to help, get in touch with

Thank you

Giani Sukha Singh


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