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Sikh Youth Project New Channel

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Guest KopSingh

Hanji its the same Sikh youth show that came on tv.

They are starting from tomorrow online via Justintv. As in the link.

Please support them, can also be watched on your tv via hdmi connection.

Thank you ji.

Aww man thats a shame its not on telly, they would get instant viewership. sikh channel wil never b forgiven for taking their highest viewed show off air. bloody pappu hippy idiots, cant handle khalistan chanting. the very least kam singh shud attempt is go on sangat tv, even tho sangat tv has fallen in all of r estimations. but well done to kam singh, hes a badman, true singh, big up

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It was because of the Sikh Youth show that 10,000s turned up at the 1984 march in London. I can guarantee this year turn out will be less because of 2 factors, cancellation of the sikh youth show and the split that occurred between sangat tv and sikh channel over dastar rally.

It is good that Sikh Youth show is returning but disappointed it is not on Sikh Channel. I would urge youth show to try and come to an agreement with Sikh Channel to re-air the show. Maybe there should be a compromise between both sides for the benefit of the sangat.

We need more shows to inspire the youth towards Sikhi.

Rabb Rakhe

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