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Which Shabad To Do 125000 Times ?

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After listening to Giani Ji's katha a couple of years ago with guru ji's kirpa I tried to complete 125,000 Mool Mantars up to hosi bhi such. I used a tally counter which counts up to 9999. Every time

I think someone mentioned earlier about learning the 'arths' of what you're saying rather than just mindlessley repeating the same thing over and over again. I personally think this is the only way Si

Khalsa Ji Anand is very difficult to describe in terms of words. Imagine the following scenario: A young child , who cannot yet speak , is given something very pleasant to eat. Then the child is ask

like if they have sharda, they shud do which ever 1.

but you said if they say something wrong it will come on them, that will b the case with any shabad.

everything is given by guru ji thou. dukh and sukh alike.

i dont disagree disagree typa thing but disagree from the sharda aspect. i hope u get me veer g alias g

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yh.. everything is given by guru G, even if you do the paat, become silver tongued, which is not that tough, say summin wrong, and something bad happens to that person u have said it to, you then can get the karam from that 'deed'because u sow'd that seed, and then u have to pay for it. then, u learn ur lesson (cuz u pay the karam), the other perosn pays his karam, and all is happy again. this has happened lotsa timess.. and it is the case with any shabad.. but each shabad is 'different' in that, the focal point / reason for that ucharan of the (one) shabad, is differet.. i.e. basically each rahao line is different. or, it can be the same, but the pankti (pauri) is different in the shabad when compared to another shabad.

just to say, karam is not the hand that you are delt in this life. its whatever you have sow'd in your previous life. more ppl are saying they dont believe in karam.. i ws shocked.. truely.

125,000 is a 'special' number.. its like if one asks, y 125.000, you ask, y did bhai gurdaas G say 'do (2) saadh sangat' and 'punji parmeswar', and punj piyaare, and why the amrit sunhaar says right hand ontopa the left n not the other way round. there is somthing in numbers. 1.25 is one of the numbers..

maaf karna if i come accrosss strong, i dont mean to. (",)

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any shabad can give all kirpas, as Gurbani does not have limitations. However, Gauri M.5 Thir Ghar Baisho Har Jan Pyare shabad is particularly prescribed for help in making your works complete.

You are contradicting your own statement when you say,

"However, Gauri M.5 Thir Ghar Baisho Har Jan Pyare shabad is particularly prescribed for help in making your works complete."

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At that pace, wouldn't it take just under 4 months?

6 per minute =

360 per hour (6/min*60mins) =

1,080 per day (360/hr * 3 hours) =

32,400 per month (1080/day * 30 days) (assuming 30 day month for simplicity) =

129,600 in 4 months (32,400/month * 4 months)

Or have I forgotten how to do simple math too :(

If it is under 4 months, then it's still under 6 months! :lol2: :respect:

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Just like to quote sunsingh veer regarding 40 days chalisa, he can shed some more light on this as well:

Here's the maryada:

Make Karah Parshaad and do ardass at the start.

While doing the jaap sit on a white sheet wearing white clothes. Have water in a container near you and have a quoi (ghee) jot lit. After doing your jaap for the day splash chitey from the water around your paath room (it's good somehow, not sure if it's a necessary part of maryada) and then drink the water.

At the end make bhog and do ardass.

Here's the numbers for each day:

Gurmantr jap 108 mala

Mool mantr 33 mala

Chachree chand, Tav Prasaad mantr 32 mala

Sukhmani Sahib 5 paaths

Japji Sahib 25 paaths.

This takes 40 days to complete. All of the above are equivalent.

One other note on the 40 day maryada. You should maintain a certain level of consistency with it. Always do it in the same room. Do it the same way throughout as you did when you began it. you can do it sitting, lying down etc. but say this in your ardass when you start it. "Guru ji, I'm going to do simran sitting in a chair, and sometimes sitting on the ground as well."etc.

make sure your and your clothes are suchae that is you have had a keshi ishan and you havent been to the toilet. Every time after defacating you must do keshi ishnaan.

Remain Firm. Stick to it and the reward is huge.

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I just cannot believe what I am reading above. Our Guru Sahibaans spent their entire

lives trying to break us free from empty brahmanical rituals. And here we see a

ritual of 40 days chalisa to bribe God. "Remain Firm. Stick to it and the reward is huge."

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Jsinghnz, you may be jumping the gun here, did the person i quote mentioned anywhere that reward is ridhiya sidya or anything..!! reward as in ajapa jap- passing an certain stage in spirituality Sikhi (like student passing an high school going to university).!!

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the idea of a chalisa or sava lakh jaap is to go into a 5th gear maryada.something intense and hardcore that will not normally be achived following your standard nitnem routine.......theres nothing brahmnical about it.....i dont think many people here understand brahmanism.......it is a con system to con people.so in this context a brahman would say "oh you can only do sava lakh jaap or chalisa by following my instructions i know best....firts make me an offering and bring xyz throw it in the river and give me xyz then start your jaap you must have ishnaan, you cannot see the shadow of a low caste, you cannot go nera a dog etc, you cannot done this you must do this. Then at the end of the jaap you come to me i will do your ardass and you gotta give me offering etc ....onlyu i will be able to tell if you have recived the fruits of your jaap etc etc.this is brahmanism.......just like the brahmans today in Govt of India robbing the poor but they themselves remain minted

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