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#Myturban Films

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A new initiative from the highly succesful "Turbanology" project - to raise awareness about Sikh Dastaar.

Please respond on Youtube and Twitter positively to the campaign - organisers want people to post their own videos in response.

Immediate Release

1st March 2012


This Friday 2nd March sees the launch of a new series of short videos highlighting the importance of the Turban and personal experiences of British Sikh stars, personalities and successful professionals.

Contributors to the “#MyTurban” series include Hardeep Kohli (comedian), Kulveer Ranger (London Mayor’s office), Amardeep Singh Dhanjal (magician), Jay Singh-Sohal (Sky News), Jassi Sidhu (singer) and Fauja Singh (100 year old marathon runner); as well as role models from public life and the business world.

The series is an initiative by the Arts Council exhibition, “Turbanology: Sikhs Unwrapped” and comes as the project prepares to be hosted by Ernst and Young in the City in April 2012 – to mark the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi.

Speaking about the film series, contributor and host organiser Amarjit Singh (partner at Ernst and Young) said: “The #MyTurban series is an innovative way to promote the fantastic achievements of British Sikhs – who have become successful in so many different walks of life. We look forward to sharing their stories and celebrating the contribution Sikhs make to prosperity in Britain this April.”

In the short films, contributors give insight into what their Turban identity means to them, their practical experiences of working in diverse industries and how they hope to inspire others to maintain their Turban and uncut hair – key symbols for the Sikh faith and community.

Describing in one word what the Turban means to them, Kulveer Ranger said it represents “confidence” while Hardeep Kohli stated the colours he proudly ties stand for the “Punjab” and its vibrancy. Jay Singh-Sohal added that it was “pride” in being upstanding while music producer Satinder Singh (DJ Stin) said it was his “crown”.

Short films in the #MyTurban series will go live every Friday (beginning today) in the lead up to the 13th April celebrations of the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi on the Dot Hyphen Productions Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/dothyphenproductions/#myturban

Further details about Ernst and Young’s “Turbanology at Vaisakhi” event, including guest speakers and public opening times; will be released in due course.


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I thought this would be pretty good

Then they posted an interview with a guy with a trimmed beard wearing a turban talking about Sikhi. And I lost all respect for their project

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Some of you are never satisfied are you?

Yes Kulveer Ranger trims his beard but at least he at least has partial Sikhi Saroop. Something is better than nothing. Would you rather he becomes a complete mona?

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This "full beard vs trimmed beard vs mona" division will be the downfall of our faith. We've been through 3 genocides and are still here, bigger than ever, no external force will ever be able to destroy Sikhi, but if we don't stop arguing among ourselves, we will destroy Sikhi on our own. Anyways, I agree with the above comment, at least the guy had a turban and is making an effort to connect Sikh youth to their roots, just because his beard is trimmed doesn't mean we should shun him, he is our brother in faith and we should congratulate him for the effort. I say this as someone with an untrimmed beard.

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    • Stand for righteousness yes. Only thing we can do is neutrally speak out against injustices against innocents when we see them not be partisan in our approach. In practical sense different times different era's different approach is needed. Sikhs need to learn to adapt or get vanished for their petty virtue signalling. End of the day try wielding a kirpan against an evil doer and you'll be arrested and in jail faster than you can put it away. The Sikhs of era we are inspired by were sovereign sikhs in their own area of control and laws and rules. If we try to be wonna be modern day sant saphi's mowing down every rioter or criminal we come across we'll just get rolled over by the state and its own huge numbers of modern weaponised fully armed personnel. The so called khalsa warriors of today are not able to match even a tiny percentage of the calibre of purataan Sikhs of era's past nor modern day warriors of 1980s/90s. We learn't the hard way how real world politics works and which communities had our back, which we found out were none.  
    • It goes under a lot of names. Imperialism is a sickness of those who were always sick. Don't let it make you ill. 
    • That was written by some who was against the Nazis and it was a warning for people not to be complacent to the threat of a totalitarian, fascist ideology.... which in the modern world goes by the name of the religion of 'peace' 
    • Bloodshed happen Again.  Did not certain jathas hide during blue star?  Each with their own list of wrongs or reasons? Weren't the great Shaheeds, Sants, and Sadars of the past known for their rightousness period? These types of actions can not be allowed ever against any or they will consume us all. 
    • this is what I am thinking they, the BJP have already attacked and removed sikhs from their paid for and cultivated land and businesses of decades if not century whereever they have got in , Rajasthan , Gujarat etc  the amount of robbery and looting is in the ten of CRodes but these guys somehow staying quiet they will be spared of a similar fate to Jains and Buddhists , its just a matter of time . If people don't fight this law change on a whim , they will revoke sikhs citixenship too ...in fact the RSS mouthpieces have hinted similar bloodshed for us is waiting .
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