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Got A Camcorder? Preserve History...


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The major calamity to hit the Sikh nation in the last century is the partition of panjab. This has caused immense damage to the SIkhs and it still affects us even today, as individuals, and as a nation.

Watching a video on Youtube, about a pakistani who showed an interview of a muslim guy who was involved in partition, has given me an idea, that we should for the sake of the next generation, try to preserve as many memories of this event as possible, not only on paper format, but now, as the opportunity allows, in digital format.

Witnesses to 1947 are very few and thin on the ground now, and if we delay, we may find a lot of valuable real links dissapearing and being consigned to memory.

If you possess a camcorder, and/or know people form that era, then try and get their memories down, for the sangat at large to see.

Why not create a group specifically for such a project at your local gurdwara?

I amn in the process of starting this, and would welcome any questions that sangat would feel relevant to this project.

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what a great idea....how muc does a relatively cheap but good quality camcorder run for these days?

you can get a decent digittal one for about £150, or even better get the local gurdwara to invest in a good one.

Great idea but how do we follow up on it? A lot of us go to Punjab annually and may even be able to go to Lahore/Nankana Sahib but the thing needs to be organized.

when you go there ask around in your village/mohalla if there are any people form that time era, and that many youngsters are interested in their experiences, so for this we would like to carry out a short interview with you, etc.

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good initiative by chatanga

- document 1947

- op bluestar & punjab killings

- nation 84 genocide (many of the victims relocated to punjab)

-a few ww2 stories wouldnt go a miss. i heard once a gora told a singh that in ww2, a ship got flooded, and about 2000+ singhs and horses drowned (cuz they was in the bottom) while the goreh survived.by jumping off onto boats. this kind of history is gold!

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