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Well sadh sangat I was just wondering how can I make my amritvela more like solid

Currently like

I sleep at like 11. :|

And them wake up at 3.30

Have ishnaan do like 20min simran and then pane baniyaa

But while I'm doing this I keep thinking of cant wait to go to bed :(

As I go back to sleep after amritvela

Just any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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The answer maybe in ur question. Go to sleep earlier, maybe an hour earlier, its not as if u would fall asleep exactly at 11pm on the dot. The body and brain takes time to wind down. You are only getting maybe 3.5 to 4hrs sleep, thus u getting tired.

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From personal experience...well dont count on it because this is probabaly what i just feel lol is that i find it better if i only have about 2.5 hours max sleep before amritvela.This is because I've found that the more I sleep before amrit vela then once i get up for amrit vela, I just kinda want to go back to sleep quickly again! I think this may be because I try to avoid getting into deep sleep before my amrit vela which allows me to feel a bit more awake and keep it going for a bit longer than usual. But thats because I have plenty of time to get my sleep after I've done my amrit vela....

Well a few tips that I've found useful are:

1) Keep a big glass of water next to you (although it may sound like a silly or normal thing one would do) lol....but I've found that drinking water throughout keeps me focused and helps me to stay awake and focused.

2) Try and get motivated to increase simran time, one way this could be done is if you have others that you could do simran with. Another way would be to maybe do 20 minutes then simran, then another bani like shabad hazare and then more simran.....bani is amazing motivation to keep simran going.

3) Getting too comfortable sometimes might be a hindrance and will just want to make you want to get into bed asap! For example doing amrit vela on your bed may not be a good idea if you currently do it although I tend to sit on my bed as i have laminated flooring. But if you have carpet sitting on the floor may help.

4) Ive definitely found that the more one sleeps the more lazy they get, im not saying dont get a good amount of sleep but maybe assess how much sleep your body really needs?

Sorry if this isn't helpful, but just a few things Ive found from my own experience

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Guest Guest

Waheguru ji ka khalsa

Waheguru ji ki fateh

Early to bed, early to rise is the best option.

If you want to compromise on the Quality then it's better to stay awake till late.

Go for a bath after 12, Jap Naam & do Nitnem.

Then sleep.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa

Waheguru ji ki fateh

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