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Gurbani teaches we are all puppets of Vaheguru and Vaheguru is the puppeteer. That he controls everyone and no one is out of his control:

kwT kI puqrI khw krY bpurI iKlwvnhwro jwnY ] kaat(h) kee putharee kehaa karai bapuree khilaavanehaaro jaanai || What can the poor wooden puppet do? The Master Puppeteer knows everything. jYsw ByKu krwvY bwjIgru Ehu qYso hI swju AwnY ]3] jaisaa bhaekh karaavai baajeegar ouhu thaiso hee saaj aanai ||3|| As the Puppeteer dresses the puppet, so is the role the puppet plays. ||3||

In Dasam Granth, Akaal Ustat, it explains that Vaheguru plays different roles in this world. Gurbani also says that Vaheguru has written the True Destiny of all from the beginning, as stated below:

gurmuiK pRgtu BieAw iqn jn kau ijn Duir msqik lyKu ilKwiedw ]15]

guramukh pragatt bhaeiaa thin jan ko jin dhhur masathak laekh likhaaeidhaa ||15||

The Lord is revealed to those humble Gurmukhs, who have such pre-ordained destiny inscribed upon their foreheads. ||15||

However, in Gurbani, the concept of change reoccurs many times in different shabads to emphasise on the power of Naam. Meaning that, Naam can change our karma, NOT THE TRUE DESTINY. Our destiny can have in it that we were meant to change our karma through Naam. Once it has been changed through Naam/through Satguru it becomes revealed -

kbIr GwxI pIVqy siqgur lIey Cfwie ] kabeer ghaanee peerrathae sathigur leeeae shhaddaae || Kabeer, I was being crushed like sesame seeds in the oil-press, but the True Guru saved me. prw pUrblI BwvnI prgtu hoeI Awie ]207] paraa poorabalee bhaavanee paragatt hoee aae ||207|| My pre-ordained primal destiny has now been revealed. ||207||

Hope that helped.

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So does that imply that whatever we do , the thing that is meant to happen will happen? If we are meant to be thieves or murderers or whatever ( this world has all kinds of people) , that would eventually happen and we have no control over it because the actions we would carry out would be already predetermined by our destiny? Im getting more confused :(

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No, I think that it's both free will and destiny. Our past karm determines some things like situation and circumstance like if we're born rich, poor, disabled, orphans etc (the things we have no control over) but we get to decide how we will act in these situations/circumstances. Who we will marry, the children, education, income I think is also destiny. But we can choose other actions. I heard that 65% of our life is predetermined and 35% is our choice.

So basically you land in a predetermined situation and the way you act, respond to it determines if you win or lose. Like a test, the teacher chooses the questions, you choose the answers.

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