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Ideas For Raising Gurdwara Profile And Its Purpose?

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Sangat ji,

Whilst the idea of having projector screens during bhog time has helped increase understanding in Gurdwara around the UK, not entirely what other countries do, I think we should go one step further and do this throughout whole sri akhand path sahib.

I'm sure the lack of understanding including my own has not entirely pushed people away but left them deviod of the precious teachings and understanding out Guru can give. Whilst many have this hunger or yearning for spiritual awakening they tend to find it on another path or elsewhere in another faith they can understand or relate to. We need guidance/help in knowing what our Guru is saying..

Is their technology, CD's out there for this...

your opinions please..............

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It'll take some thought to get working efficiently but it's a good idea. A system whereby the English translation of a whole Sri Akhand Path Sahib running simultaneous to the reading by the Granthi is one of the best things to do for people who only know English but wish to learn about Sikh scriptures.

How it would work I don't know. It would have to take into account times when the Granthi's particular "shift" ends and another Granthi takes his place. It would also be important that the line from Guru Granth Sahib Ji being spoken is the one that appears on the screen at that time. Any strange lapses or delays would not be the best thing.

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