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Breaking News Singhs Have Been Shot By The Punjab Police In Gurdaspur


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A quick write up that may come in use. Email out to media outlets, friends, family etc to create awareness. We need to stress the injustice that continues in India against Sikhs to this day.


Wednesday 28th March 2012

An eighteen year old unarmed university student has been shot dead by police during a planned peaceful protest that took place on Wednesday 28th March 2012. Several other Sikhs have been injured, including one young sixteen year old Sikh currently in hospital in critical condition.

Further information on this incident can be found here1



For a short but informative overview of the history behind the Sikh relationship with the state of India please see this post2:


Shaheed (martyred) Bhai Jaspal Singh Jee3 was on his way home from university where he had been studying for his first year of an engineering degree. While walking home he came across fellow Sikhs sitting and meditating peacefully as part of worldwide protests against the hanging of Bhai Balwant Singh Jee Rajoana.

Footage4 and eyewitness accounts report an extremist right wing group – the Shiv Sena antagonising the Sikhs by celebrating the upcoming death of Bhai Balwant Singh nearby.

The Panjab police - using tactics that have been witnessed across India countless times in the past, suddenly opened fire on the innocent Sikh protesters.

Initial accounts confirm one young Sikh man has died and several others injured.

Footage from the shootings can be seen here5: (warning this footage contains disturbing violent scenes, upsetting footage and use of profanity throughout.)

These sorts of incidents that occur In Panjab only succeed in confirming the negative bias the state police and other government bodies have towards Sikhs.

Protests occurred worldwide on Wednesday 28th March6 as was decreed by the official Sikh leading political authority – the Akaal Takht. Some protesters in other states of Panjab also succumbed to Panjab police beatings. Protests in other parts of the world including US, Canada, Austraila, New Zealand, and most of Europe all passed peacefully.





3 http://sphotos.xx.fb...885600965_n.jpg




6 https://fbcdn-sphoto...874969771_n.jpg

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Sant JArnail SIngh always said to the Sikhs, dont give your lives away for nothing, if anyone is tyring to kill you, try and kill him, if you die, trying then there is no loss...

the ravan sena are thugs and criminals, Sikhs should not give their precious lives away for nothing,

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My heartfelt condolences to the family of the shaheeds family.

Since when has the AK47 been a crowd control weapon? Its inaccurate at the best of times and all those involved in this firing need to be booked for murder.

Also those with links to Jasbir Rode and Dhumma need to put pressure on them over their links with Akali Dal Badal. Either the Badals take full action against those who provoked the incident and the police or break their links with Badal.

As for the Shiv Sena, we all know that when their HQ in Ludhiana was raided a few years back it was found to be a porn vcd factory.

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