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    • She's a fake veerji. Look at her post on "interfaith anand karaj" and also that Singh who tagged her on fb and look at her language how she responded. She's a pseudo feminist and has anti Sikh sentiments. You can call her sunny hundal's sister, only difference sunny hundal does it openly and she does it behind the back. 
    • Indian media is no different. You must be knowing about an incident where few nihang sikhs attacked punjab police. Our indian news channels were flooded with "NIHANG SIKH chopped off cop's hand". When a hindu rapes a girl then news is "Man raped a minor". Even in the infamous rape case of nirbhaya, news was "4 men and a bus driver raped delhi girl". Indian media is ALWAYS biased towards Sikhs. Crime has no religion then why did they mention "nihang sikh" ? Does the judge in the court also calls them as nihang sikhs? They must be having names. Instead of showing this as an individual crime, Indian media attacked the entire sikh community. I have never heard of news like "4 hindu men raped nirbhaya" "Brahmin man killed wife". Basically, Indian media = hindu media = Anti sikh elements = BJP and RSS = Modi(I know many will disagree with me but this is the truth, am a non political person but this is what it is)   Peope like Min kaur, sonia deol and sunny hundal are snakes and traitors of our community. And equally fools are those sikhs who hail them as heroes or well wisher's of community. You won't the believe the no. of sikhs that consider min kaur as gursikh! That's not even funny! Are people blind?    Then there is "Harnaam kaur" the infamous keski wearing bearded punjabi athleist woman that post nude pics on insta in keski. And some gullible sikhs praise harnaam for keeping beard believing she is amritdhari! I think our people don't spend much time on social media and completely unaware of reality.
    • Veer ji watch this video, both Sakhis are about people that live in countries with not many Khalse but Guru Sahib comes for special ones.  
    • this is a very very good lecture on Karam. Must watch!!! More Sakhis    
    • Funny how none of the aforementioned 3 countries have a Central Bank owned by the Rothschilds. The three countries we're constantly told by the media are a threat to peace. Must be a coincidence... 😅
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