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Sikh Caste Issue With Marriage. Help!


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Guest Guest

I will suggest that you take a BREAK for 2 weeks.

Tell her that you need time to THINK.

This exercise will result in either her realizing that she cannot live without you


just moving on with her life.

Anyway you will have a definite answer !

P.S - I was in a some what similar situation back in school.

In order to set a girl right, i started to show interest in her friend.

You know what, it worked.

Women are extremely jealous human beings !

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Guest tuhintuhin


waheguru ji....you and the girl should talk to her father and ask him to convince his wife that it's their daughters life and he won't let others decide and suffer his daughter.......He should take stand for his daughter's future........girl and her father should be one at all the time , should not take it as it comes....

..should tell them openly and evertime they talk that this is his final decision that his daughter marry this guy, no one else......when her mother will see problem in her own house created by her maternal home, she might come back and say yes.......

waheguru bhala kare......

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Thanks all for your kind feedback!

I have tried what I could and tried to convince the girl. She has tried as well but finally given up and I can understand her reason and part of is her personality and up-bringing. I can only do much by myself and without her full support I can't move forward with this. We are still talking regularly to keep our relationship even at distance. I personally feel it is all on Waheguru's Hand now. I am just accepting this fact and trying to move on. Yes, it is painful and will remain the same. Unless, some miracle happens I don't think this will work.

I only request Sangat to pray for us and pray no-one face such situation.

I will post back if some miracle happens.

Thanks again for everyone!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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I personally feel it is all on Waheguru's Hand now.

It always was in Waheguru's hands, always has been and always will be :)

I realize that this is easy for me to say as I look at your situation from the outside. However, this is one of toughest things to do! Afterall, if you are able to do it, it means you have no ego :)

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Guest babs kaur

Wishing you all the best veer ji , Guru Gobind Singh Ji carried out his baptisms on vaisakhia day. His aim who to promote and create a religion with no caste system and to uniform it and to do away with . Sadly some sikhs do not follow our guru's teaching and this is not what ours gurus envisioned. Follow your heart and wahuru will give you his blessings x

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Guest Nicole

I am not Sikh, but I belong to a religion that also believes in one God and the oneness of all humanity. The first time I experienced

langhar I was moved almost to tears. I was raised by Greeks who would never allow men to serve non-meat food to women and who promoted blatant racist and sexist beliefs within the community. I was disowned by my family for entering into an interracial marriage. So in my visits to our local gurdwara I was overcome by the acceptance my family experienced. I am saddened that in a faith who's main tenets include the unity of all humankind and rejection of caste systems this could happen to you. For me, the members of adopted faith helped me resolve the issues of family disunity. I entered into consultation with them and truly felt like giving up on reconciling with my father specifically, who hadn't spoken to me for 7 years. They helped me find a way to keep a level of unattachment to the stereotypes held by my family while working toward reuniting. Strangely, it worked. 7 years after my actual marriage, I again wrote my father and genuinely and lovingly asked for his consent, and he gave it.. Perhaps you have a similar consultative body that could assist you in reconciling these awful discrepancies. Good luck, I hope the two of you find happiness.

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there should be no problem. In our case iam a jat sikh and my wife is khatri sikh and our parents agreed. we didnt had a problem. Try to convince her mother you go and talk to her

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