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Badal & His Delhi Masters Have Won This Battle But Not The War

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Also sant ranjit singh ji dhandrianwale have stayed out of politics and have kept its focus on gurmat parchar and amrit sachar...which is good. However, I do like mention on wider topic of sant samaj. Even Sant Samaj have difference of opinions in them, which is fine but the problem is disunity within sant samaj. People have to remember, sant samaj is not what it used to be. Sant Samaj these days is just an universal concept of sadhu mandali without any streamline organization or banner, while sticking to universal concept of sadhu mandali its fine thats the basic foundation discussing various gurmat related issues but having no organizational structure lacks and becoming one voice, only shows disunity... they are not on rajniti front these days, which is what it used to be during sant jarnail singh bhindranwale time..another viewpoint of looking at overall picture of sant samaj which i beleive -again while everyone like them to be front of all socio-political issues and be sant khalsa like - baba bir singh ji nurangabad, baba maharaj singh ji nurangabad, sant jarnail singh bhindranwale but reality is - there is time and place for everything as vahiguroo best knows so i cannot judge them.

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So we must get arrested to be Panthic? lol

Let's not be so naive.

Why can we all not understand what Rajoana is saying to us? He wants us all to unite. All I am noticing is people coming out to divide.

In any 1 family not all members will agree with everything. We will have different ways of doing things. We will have different roles. We need to stick together.

Our enemies want to divide and rule.

Stop slinging mud.

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Badal has already won this battle:

1. by going for a stay for rajoana's execution, he will let him rot in jail for another few years (at least if not more) as they wont release him or make him shaheed (which is the only two options open to the singhs)

2. they will never make rajoana jathedar of akal takht or any other takhts as they know this could tip things over the edge.

3. the takht jathedars are in Badals pocket as are Sant Samaj and Dhadrianwale

4. by arresting bittu daduwal etc there is no one to co-ordinate the early stages of this movement

5. Badal has total media control in Punjab and no one else outside Punjab in India really cares or knows

6. the actual protests in Punjab are actually quite small in number but much better than they have been for years

7. by shooting dead Jaspal Singh, they hope to scare (and have probably succeeded) mothers from sending their sons to protests or becoming militant in views and actions

8. nothing will happen to the suspended DC and SSP

9. in 2 months everything will be back to normal


battle has not been won it's just started. Don't you think in the matter of days the youth of punjab starts to realise these things are happening and start to refrain from drugs. Which Bhai Balwant Singh Ji told the youth to do which was stated in his letter

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Avtar95 i think you misunderstand what i meant. a battle (this particular episode) is a small part of a larger war (freedom).

badal by using the media and his political nous and the jathedars (including sant samaj and dhadrianwale) has poured cold water on the hot flames

yes some youth will stop taking drugs and become singhs but we must accept this will be a small amount

there is no organised centralised protest movement and so everything wil die down

if dhadrianwale was not in badals pocket, he would lead the protests - if he did thousands would follow but he does not want to

even if you argue that sant samaj and dhadrianwale are trying to influence the akali dal from within they have clearly failed. badal has just used them to

silence the crowds and calm everything down. they dont realise that badal is too clever for them and has dealt with much more clever religious leaders than them

get rid of badal and his son and things will open up and provide a platform for political freedom

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Father of Shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh Ji speaks to the Sangat at his sons funeral on 31st March 2012 and invites all to attend the Akhand Paath Sahib Bhog and Antim Ardaas taking place on 7th April 2012, please watch:

Forward to all contacts in Punjab in order to support the Shaheed Singh's family.

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