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if u gona look at drinking pplz water feet as a foot fettish! the yarrp bro! its maya to the max!! but the rivers of naam amrit flow from the sangat. maha purash. and the 5 pyaare.

charan pahul is not idol worship. gurbani says what gurbani says. theres soo much, literally loads! in sukhmani sahib about charan amrit! if u have douts then do this bani.

when one gets dib drist, all become that persons guru. these are high avastha galaa. and people (myself included!) who are starting off, will not understand this. getting to the level of dib drist, and then onwards to seeing through to the four corners of existance (chatur chakra) then onwards to ebcomming to sarab byaapak, this is phd, and onwards level of avastha!! its hard enough to explain the normal things.. so id say, do what guru G says. and whatever your understanding is, go to that. whether that be how to do shoe seva, or charan amrit, or any other type of amrit (although all amrit is also the same!). to each their own pathway! that hasbeen blessed by guru G! ik bharam bhoole firihe dehe dis, ik naam laag savaarya!!!!!




baba!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mun!!!!!!!! matvaaro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Some are not understanding where Mat Pul Rai is coming from. This is the problem we have on internet, as its difficult to explain so something in sentences as one would like, thus leading to different

When our Gurus referred to idolatry in terms of the worship of inert stones, I wonder if they were also referencing the issue on a deeper level, i.e. the worship of Man? We see in this modern world ho

okay this is confusing now, so im going to just carry on doing what my mann thinks is right. everybody seems to have different thinking. And just hope waheguru leads me the right way, without listeni

But what i am saying is no human can be compared to our Gurus, therefore i feel it would be wrong for me to bow down to any human as god. Do satkaar of highly spiritual when one recognises their qualities, yes. But not replace them and forget god.

Sant ji in this video say exactly that....no one else can be Guru expect for 10 Gurus and Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj.

The whole video is filled with education.

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in sarabloh granth, says there is dwadas roop of guru. !

10 gurus, guru panth, and guru granth. = 12.

no need for explanation that sangat (as in saaaaaadh sangat - which should be the only type of sangat that we see! tho its not) is our panth. hence, also our guru.

just to say here, to understand what guru is, its so very hard, but not immposible.


"Aapan pou gur khalse deena,Duteea roop Satguruu Granthha.

Bolan satguru sabad sanbhakhan, Naam gubind keertan samthaa.

Gunanuvaad pun sifate salahan, Outhhat bethhat sen karanthha.

Pavan panthh Khalsa pragtyo, Char baran asram subh panthha. 370.

En ko daras Satgur ko darsan Bolan Guruu Sabad Gur Granthha.

Dwadas roop satgur ae kaheeat, Dwadas bhan pragat har santa.

Partakh kalaa parbraham dhani chhe, Granthh 'Panthh-Khalsa' vartanta.

Dass Gobind Fateh Satgur ki Khalsa Granthh GUR roop When badantaa. 371.


have you ever heard more beautiful bani!


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