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How To Reduce 20 Pounds In Few Weeks?


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^ Point taken.

Perhaps I was not clear, the diet I posted is not for S1ngh specifically but rather what I have followed in the past to reach my fat loss goals. I simply thought of sharing it with others. For S1ngh, a balanced diet with regular exercise would be step # 1. We can then take it further from there. So I guess your estimate of 3 months to loose 20lbs is likely true for most :)

I am only sharing my own experience with fat loss. It goes with out saying that not everyone will have the same experience.

When I did this, I only needed to loose about 10 lbs, I lost that in 5 weeks flat. I probably would have reached my goal in 4 weeks but I was sick for 4 days in the middle. So I do believe that if you stick to a good diet and exercise regime without a break, then you can loose 20 lbs in 8-10 weeks. I know of others who have done this. So I do not believe it is unrealistic, a bit optimistic perhaps for some. Having said that, by no means is an easy diet to follow, I had tough times myself when I did this.

PS. I think I should start writing a disclaimer in all my posts from now on. "These are simply my experiences and opinions, please do not assume you will have a similar experience. Please consult with your physician before embarking on any fitness program" :)

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You need to do hard weight loss exercises along with a strict diet plan to lose your 20 pounds in a few weeks.

Do cardio workout such as jogging, running, swimming, cycling, push ups, pull ups daily for at least one a hour.

In diet you should focus more on veggies diet and water diet.

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