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there are 4 things that we canot do. and its what guru gobind singh ji says.

1. eat any kind of meat (because sikhs do not distinguish the type of meat just because u kill it in a certian way. i.e. halaal / chatka) so killing somthing in one way, and not another way, does not make that meat holy.

2. take any kind of mind altering will altering substance, aka, intoxicants, drugs.. we must control our mind. and learn how to, ourselves.

3. cut any hair whatsoever on our body or anyone elses as these are spiritual antennas for naam vibration. and they will vibrate if u try!

4. and do haraam.

these are the 4 things that we cannot do. the 5th optional one is dying hair, or the body. as in tatooz etc.

haraam is lots of things. mainly adultry, but inclusive of sexual relations before one is ready. i.e. b4 marrage.

these are the main things.

other things that if u keep on doing, that will brek ur amrit, is as follows... so...

haram is also, making sum one elses heart upside down (khraab) i.e. hurting sum 1. ; speaking bad to somone and shouting, as this breaks the love you hav for god (says gurbani). and anything else. thas bad..

haraam litterally means the things u cannot do / shouldnt do.. (its more the things that you >cannot< do.)

hope this helps!

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the hair thing, try not to! when you take a bath, youloose hair. when u comb ur hair, u loose hair.. but this is cuz its ded hair. it u do summin unintentionally, then it can be forgiven with relitive ease. if its on purpose, then, not so much!

generally, ATz (amritdhariz), shud not do that. and alll people shud try n control the 5 evils. and replace them with the 5 good things. daya, dharam, sat, santokh, nimitra.

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^ i was going to mention this.. but i felt when the one asking this question in the forum asks, "but some people say amrit cannot be broken..." then i was going to answer it. :)

but yes, amrit never breaks. some say there is a batta of amrit inside you, or your 'bank acccount' in heaven, and doing seva n simran (the only 2 ways to put amrit in the bata, or currency {kamaaee} into the account of heaven), will increase your 'balance' / amount of amrit you have inside yourself.

when you break rehet etc, you cannot carry out any transactions.. and are not allowed to add any amrit inside the bata.

so its as if the amrit freezes, and cannot put in or take out any naam-kamaae. same with the account of heaven metaphore.

when you retake your amrit, you must then not only go through the channels of re opening the bank account of heaven, but you must also work through all the so called back log in the account. i.e... the amrit bata inside you will be re opened, and you will be allowed to add more amrit to your bata, but the previous amrit that you had kamaaed, will still be frosen. so you must work through this..

do a test!! get a bowl, fill it up half with water (make sure the bowl cant break wen in the freezer!) put it in freezer, then take it out. see what it takes for u to unfreeze it! alot of rubbing! and your fingers will dgo cold.. you will need to rest your fingers etc, warmth etc.. time. and more water. try adding more water to the bowl and see how that affects the water. and ho much water will you need to add etc. to make the froszen water, unfrosen. and what kind of water. it cane be more luke warm water! it has to be worm / hot water! ...

this heat, is what we recieve when we dissolve in sikhi. as in bani, love, naam simran, amazingness etc..

the account of heaven.. the amrit bata in your body.. reely good metaphores.!

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