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    • Yes like how indian army had surrounded harmandar sahib.  The interest is still accruing on the karmic plane. WW3 is inevitable . 
    • I am not too sure about Russia and China having deep friendship though probably have interests that align.  They have an interest to join forces against US/West particularly in the Middle East (Syria/Iran) and you are correct regarding US reaction to Huawei, so they have common interests.  Russia has a vastly underpopulated far east and China probably has some eyes on some land grab. China will want to cut India down to size as they are thinking long term who their competitors would be and that would be India. They already have "a string of pearls" strategy in the Indian Ocean. They have be-friended the regime in Burma, Sri Lanka. (Helping to build ports and naval bases). The base in Gwadar in Pakistan has been largely funded by them. As well as all their investments in Africa. India's southern and western flank in the Indian Ocean has been completely surrounded.  The world has been asleep whilst China has been quietly on the rise.  
    • Russia and India were once deep friends. The bonhomie of the 90s is over. Now the relationship is mostly transactional. Russia just wants market to sell its outdated WW2- era millitary technology and that market is India. Russia has in past banned bhagwad gita, the holy book of hindus and indian businessmen are not allowed to excel there by Russians. Putin is fooling India !  China and Russia are deep friends now. Xi and Putin have a very exceptional friendship as both say. You can say China and Russia are pretty much married now. While all of european countries and india was against China, Russia hold his hands for Huawei and Russia selected it for 5G in Russia. Now even during covid pandemic , while US led world is lifting fingers at China, Russia slammed US for blaming china without evidence. So China and Russia are indisputable allies and very close !  Now here is where it gets tricky. India and Russia are friends . But India and China are frenemies (friend on face and enemy in reality) . Thats why there is standoff between India and China at the moment . And Pak is all weather friend of China US and China are enemies now because of trade war and such. Anyways China wanted to replace US as world power since long . Its just that their enmity has come out in open now. And US and India has become deep allies now , thats why Modi and Trump has such deep friendship .  To summarize it :  China - Russia : DEEP Friendship China - India : ENEMY Pak - China  : DEEP friendship Russia  - India : Friendship US - CHINA  : ENEMY US- RUSSIA : ENEMY now slowly India will lose Russia as it recently lost Nepal to chinese influence . I suspect this is going to happen in a few years from now Increasingly the world is being polarized on two axis : One led by US  and another led by China/Russia, reminiscent of allies and axis of world wars. Only a fool would believe the world is not headed to WW3 with these 2 axis who will fight against each other.   
    • For what reason would Russia join with China to attack India.  
    • Old nations usually crumble, regime changes, and newer ones form in aftermath of world wars. Look at Israel. WW2 was a curse for them because of hitler but also a blessing because they got Israel.  Sikhs will get their nation after WW3. but when the opportunity comes will you be able to seize it , is the question. 
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