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Historical Sikhi Photos


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i dont agree...if we start taking Iconograph that wrong, if we start to pooj the photos and treat them as god then speak but what is wrong with looking at certain events in history people learn from it, shows how we have changed, if it wasnt for many photos of shaheeds, events we would not have description of our history and is a way to perserve it...this thread was just to get photos related to events in history relating to sikhs or art work/inspiration photos and certain images sangat liked...the aim isnt to get sikhs away from the shabad guru nor is it an attempt to get sikhs away from guru and all inspiration etc that guru ji gives us or to compare to it.....

>>Thanks LF Ji i have no problem or disagreement with your thoughts above and just to clarify that all pictures and photos in which Guru Sahib are not represented i don't think anybody can really have any problem with that at all really. I myself find inspiration from the majority of photos and pictures on this thread Paji.

all other lines are your opinions related to art work and attempts...art is just another way people express themselves and wish to draw their gurus also some agree some don't understandable that gurbani is shabad guru... rather than the piece of art....the aim of this thread was to just gather the art in one place in where people can get art of the guru but that does not mean everyone comes with same state of mind when they view the art and every 1 views is different and by understanding its just art should be important...if a sangat membor has been praying to the art or looking at it for only reference to our guru and as a justification of remembering our guru then it is wrong but thats not the matt all people look through

>>Thanks we pretty much agree in essence - I don't think any Sikh is ever guilty of treating photo's or pictures as a murthee but yes when it comes to representation of our Guru's and items supposedly (but not provably) linked to them, I think we need to be very vigilant that we don't fall into the same traps that many Christians, Muslims and Hindu's fall into.

this thread is better kept for historical photos ....if u dont like the paintings then sorry;

>>Not all Paji some brilliant paintings and photos here so no need to apologise for the thread itself :-)

not trying to get sikhs to use photos as the only and as a best way to connect to guru ji, as bani is the guru but photos are art in rememberance of the guru ans serve smaller purposes...iv said before the art is not to used as poojan li sangat ji but sometimes it serves as rememberance of some scenes and some qualities guru ji had but in no way can it be compared to what guru granth sahib ji expresses...sangat keep in mind these are only depictions and ones expressing of art

>>Yep Paji no disagreement I think you pretty much understand where others are coming from and those that don't feel comfortable with representation of the Guru's specifically realise that there will always be differences of opinion within the Panth and that we as a Panth need to respect others' opinion when the matter is not so crucial. So respect to you for your time on the thread and I hope you see the counterpoint in so far as it relates to our Guru's. As far as the Bhai Mehtab Singh Ji and Bhai Sukha Singh Ji paintings go ... those have always been one of my favourites! :-)

note this is a pinned thread out of kindness of Mehtab Singh and hun vichar den wale vi boht ho sakde ne i have benti if sangat wants to discuss use of images in sikhi then open a new thread, please, meherbani !

>>Understood Paji, no problem :-) Rabh Rakha

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sorry if i sounded rude sangat ji...at end of day your point is important and what I would say is people should connect with the Guru Granth Sahib and read bani rather than taking the photos to strongly in your jeevan as only means of communication with the guru.

1st. Sant Baba Darshan Singh Ji Dakkhi Wale

2nd. singhs during some world war i think ww2 maybe

3rd. i put this photo up earlier and saw info on it on fb so going to put it up again with the info around it and how soon after partition the indian army atttacked sri darbar sahib

''1955c Indian Army Atack on Shri Darbar Sahib due to Sikh Demand Punjabi Subba.''

''Sikh protestors continued to grow in numbers. All the jails in Punjab had been filled in Punjabi Subba Agitation and it had become increasingly difficult to contain the Sikh movement. Since the movement was started at Darbar Sahib, it was considered “headquarter” of all the operations and the government took strict measures to prevent Sikhs from going to Darbar Sahib. The police surrounded Darbar Sahib. No one was allowed to enter the premises without permission and having been searched by the police. Many Sikhs were arrested just on the basis that they were going to Darbar Sahib. It was naturally assumed that they were going to join the protestors. Even tourists were insulted and arrested. This brutal action of the police was more than enough to awaken the Sikh nation. They marched towards Darbar Sahib in large numbers and forced police to retreat and leave the vicinity of Darbar Sahib.

Finally, it was decided to crush the movement by all means necessary. Ashwani Kumar, DIG of Jalandhar police, asked for permission to practice unlimited privileges and promised to destroy the movement within 5 days. Upon getting the permission, he ordered the police to confiscate handguns, rifles and all other firearms kept by SGPC, Sikh leaders and members of Akali Dal. Censorship was put on Sikh newspapers disallowing them to highlight the truth and educating the public of the real situation. The police stopped printing of the newspapers and closed down the main buildings. Many Sikh journalists and news reporters were arrested. Printing press was stopped, confiscated and all of the printed material was burnt by the police. It was all part of the plan so that no one would know the extent of the police operation and the mass public will stay uninformed.

After disarming the Sikh leadership, the police started its operation. First, Darbar Sahib was surrounded by thousands of policemen and the public was stopped from going in and out of the complex. Then all the rest houses were searched and everyone found was arrested. All of the political members and leaders within the vicinity of Darbar Sahib were arrested and taken to jail. Everything was searched in the SGPC office. Then the police moved to Manji Sahib. When the Sikhs protested they were met with heavy sticks and tear gas.

By this time the police had fortified every building standing outside of the main complex and started to throw tear and poisonous gas at the Sikhs. Then the police entered the main complex with shoes on and fired upon the Sikhs that had gathered there to protest peacefully. Many bullets were fired at the main building and Akal Takhat Sahib. All the religious activities such as Kirtan and Akhand Paath were stopped and every Sikh including women was insulted, beaten and then arrested. This was all done to immobilize the Sikh movement. The police kept full control of Darbar Sahib for four days. More than 3000 Sikhs were arrested including many of the leaders and employees of SGPC. Several hundred including women and children were injured.''






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