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Historical Sikhi Photos


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yes if you look at ariel photo shot of sri darbar sahib the surrounding doesnt seem to tough upon the beauty darbar sahib complex holds...to me it almost feels like the surrounding is full of all this polution, waste while sri darbar sahib is the only pavitar small area in the middle of it

singhs from facebook who has been doing some wonderful seva by giving info on shaheed singhs recently put some of these amazing photos up....rare photos we are lucky to have them...these singhs did good job by sharing

shaheed bhai manbeer singh chaheru

5, 6, 7 are photos of akal takht













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Sikhs are not bakri kaum. Maharaj has started raj rishi panth where maharaj combined raj (royalty) and jog (spiritual) together and blessed khalsa panth with it. We should be proud of our royal sikh chivalry..Ultimate satkar is given to sri guru granth sahib maharaj in tri folds (aad, dasam, sarbloh) then guru khalsa panth and knights of guru khalsa panth- jathedars, bhramgyani mahapursh..!!

I know by looking at sad state of affairs these days most sikhs will get their knickers in twist but there was time where true sikh bhramgyanis were given utmost satkar whilst keep in mind ultimate satkar is given to sri guru granth sahib ji . Like for example- Sangat in hoti mardan, pakistan used to take sri hazoor baba karam singh ji maharaj hoti mardan wale in palki just shows royalty in sikh panth..there is also an rare picture of sant attar singh maharaj maustanewale on elephant along with nihang jathedar ji on different elephant (see-attached) passing by british colonialism .!!!

Khalsa is embodiment of sri guru gobind singh maharaj...!!! We need to be proud of our royal hertiage..!!


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Looking at all this history in these pictures is like telling a million words. It's incredible.

The sad portion that's in the back of my mind that bugs me is the question : will we be able to regain real Sardari and anakh back into the kaum? Will we be able to preserve our history and understand/learn from it to empower ourselves to recreate and learn from our mistakes. I know we can, but it's easy to get restless when you don't see any tangible progress.

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i put up photos on this page on facebook if any one havnt seen https://www.facebook...82152373?ref=hl

ill share some photos of ghallughara 1984 tomorrow

anyone reading this, also i have question---has anyone ever heard of this sakhi, im sure it was put somewhere on net but i can't find it now

sant kartar singh ji khalsa bhindranwale used to have revolver and sant ji used to like and one day while shooting it (target practice) sant kartar singh ji handed it to sant ji saying they would need it in the future--any1 also read this sakhi ?











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