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Amitabh Bachchan’S Invitation To Leicester Event Causes Outrage In Uk Sikh Community.

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a lesson to remember for those who are here only to question Sikhs and Sikhi.

Doesn't matter sir. Tytler says he is a Sikh and his real name is Jagdish Singh Kapoor.

it dont matter to me either Tytler is Scum and so is Bachan.

Yup I heard that as well. He was talking about re-connecting with his Sikh roots a few years back in an interview I read in a newspaper. Make of that what you will.

Smoke screen.

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Sikhs have always fought injustice and the treatment of minorities from 1947 - present only shows that sikh grievances against the indian government are justified. If I was the pm and as per your sce

What Bachchan did was to incite the ordinary person to join the government organised mobs. We all know the star power of indian actors. This actor had thousands of people outside the hospital when he

This is an amzing opportunity to raise the profile and much more awareness of this issue within the media, at the very least the local Leicester media. Lets not get bogged down with Amitabh Bachan, b

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The Leicestershire Sikh Alliance along with their partners at Amnesty International have issued a joint open letter to Keith Vaz in regards to the inappropriateness of Amitabh Bachan's appearance at Keith's 25 years in Parliament bash this Saturday.

Letters have also been sent to all Leicestershire MP's and media. Please keep up to date on the whole situation via the LSA FB page:-


Joint statement can be downloaded from: http://www.sikhsanga...r-to-keith-vaz/

Great letter from Leicester Sikh Alliance. At last a formal partnership with Amnesty International!

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I cant stand Vaz, if i go will be be protesting against him the same amount as Bachan.

He is a bigger financer of uaf which is made up muslim radicals/gangster types and white middle class commies, uaf were contacted bout Sikhs being attacked in Oldbury and they laughed.

Some say Bachans mom is Sikh ??? Maybe Hindu Punjabi ????

i think it dont matter bowt there backgrounds, apnay ppl will do anything for personal gains, sumedh saini, panjab police, kp gill etc all gandeh bandeh who have killed their own in mass numbers, then u have asad of syria, gadaffi of libya, saddam hussein of iraq ALL killed their own religion folk.

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well said rebel. why does amitabh quote that his mum is sikh wherever he goes?.... his mums a sikh yet he maintained a close relationship with the ghandis. infact rajiv ghandi brought him into politics in 84 thats how close they were. amitabh flew in to dlehi airport as soon as heard "mata indira" died....if he has nothing to hide why doesnt he show up in court for the charges which have been put against him?

ive also heard that media in the 80s reported the first thing he did on his arrival in delhi was slap a singh in the airport.


the 1984 survivors deserve a voice... they cant raise it in india


these pictures are form facebook.

although amitabh isnt attending, there is going to be a peacefull awarness gathering... consisting of naam jaap etc... sounds great to me... i love this awareness through education plan, seems well thoughtout and organised... amitabh wont be there but his fans and family will, so its great that his part in 84 is being highlighted in a peacefull way... with the media present.

keep this peaceful and leave it to the managers to get the message across. i have contacted seva84 who said that they have educated persons to speak to the media, they want all who attend to partake in naap jaap etc. they will get the message across through literature, and signs (i think)... we should support this... this is an oppertunity to raise awareness and educate the masses... but only if it is kept peaceful and well managed.

i say, give it a shot, go... keep it peaceful, get the message out there.

amnesty internation are involved - how fantstic is that?!

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so sikhs killed the prime minister is that not a crime which these bodyguards need to be punished for?

no not punished but rewarded they didnt just kill a prime minister they brought a tyrant to justice

if some hindues killed a sikh leader surely all sikhs would incite their fellow to kill hindus..

that is that type of mentality is the reason why some muslim countries are so messed im a bit disturbed at how readily you used the word "surely" as if that would be the obvious thing to do

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Great work by Leicestershire Sikh Alliance

**Protest Update**

This is a peaceful awareness protest to educate others about Bachchan’s alleged role in the November 1984 Genocide. Amitabh Bachchan has decided not to attend the event, however other high profile figures will be attending in addition to local and international press.


Re: Amitabh Bachchan

Peaceful Protest Awareness date: Saturday 16th June 2012 5pm-7.30pm

Location: Outside the Platinum Suite, Cobden Street, Leicester, LE1 2LB

Contact: contact@seva84.com

It is alleged by various sources that Amitabh Buchhan incited mobs to kill Sikhs live on Doordarshan TV, India leading up to the November 1984 National Genocide. It is likely Amitabh Bachchan will not be present at the event, however it has been confirmed that his family will be attending the celebrations taking place at the Platinum Suite.

We would like to highlight to all who are planning to attend the peaceful awareness protest that families with children, Press and Bollywood fans will be present at the event in addition to other high profile persons. This must be taken into consideration at all times. Please refrain from aggressive behaviour.

All who attend are required to partake in Naam and Simran. We have allocated spokes-people for the protest who will highlight the allegations put forward and will respond to press on the day. All others who attend are requested to partake in the recitations of Chaupai Sahib, Naam Simran and Mool Mantra taking place.

Further updates will be announced at www.facebook.com/seva1984

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Normally protests include chanting slogans so as to educate and inform both media and the public attending?

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Protests can take many different forms.

Silent protests are uncommon but have been successful in the past with other communities. The public will be informed through flyers, placards and assigned spokes-men.

As it is probable that Amitabh will not be attending, there is no need to be shouting slogans. We are using this opportunity to get a message across... not many people know about the 1984 November Genocide, and even fewer know about the extent of the massacre and government involvement. We are using this as an opportunity to educate. We cannot educate if sangat are shouting slogans.

As Amitabh's fans, family and media will be present, as well as national and international press this is an excellent opportunity to highlight Amitabh’s alleged role in the unknown 1984 November Genocide where voting lists were used to identify Sikh homes which were then marked in red. Sikhs of all ages across India were hacked to pieces, burnt alive, raped and killed. Sikh owned homes and business were burnt to the ground and those that were expected to protect the Sikhs either turned a blind eye or were actively involved. The only TV (Doordarshan) and Radio (All India Radio) stations were government owned and did not report the killings of Sikhs that was taking place across India. Rather the opposite, they spread rumours that Sikhs were killing Hindus - which were all unfounded. After the genocide, there was a strong awareness that killings had taken place across India, so the government decided to dub these events as "Delhi Riots". This term was a deliberate attempt to play down the face that this was in fact a planned Genocide. The killings were not just limited to just Delhi, and a Riot is a conflict that takes place between two communities... It was only Gurdwaras that were razed to the ground... no mandir, church, or masjid was touched by the so called "rioters". This was a pre planned genocide to wipe out the Sikhs in India. This is why the term “Delhi Riots” should not be used. The Nanavati commission recognises that voting lists were used to identify Sikh homes.

Several eye witnesses have made claims that Amitabh Bachchan (a close friend of Rajiv Ghandi) was the first to incite the killings of Sikhs. Despite this, the Delhi High Courts refuse to take any action.

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What's the Leicester Gurdwara Committees' take on the Keith Vaz event? I assume some of them will be attending or leading the Panthic protest for justice?

I haven't heard much come put of the Leicester prabhandaks...they usually shout loud Khalistan Zindabad naras

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From a conversation with Keith Vaz office, I have been made aware that the local Gurdwara represantatives are attending the party. Vaz office were never advised by any of the high profile Sikh invitees about Amitabh and the incitement of mobs in 1984. The Leicester Sikh reps are still planning to attend the party as Vaz "works closely with Sikh community".

Anyone from Leicester Gurdwaras want to comment?


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Several eye witnesses have made claims that Amitabh Bachchan (a close friend of Rajiv Ghandi) was the first to incite the killings of Sikhs. Despite this, the Delhi High Courts refuse to take any action.

Well, isn't there a statute of limitations on crimes? So they probably can't try him now anyway

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**Peaceful Protest against Amitabh Bachchan Cancelled**

It has been confirmed by both the police and Keith Vaz that Amitabh Bachchan will not be attending the Platinum Suite in Leicester on Saturday 16th June 2012. All organisers of the peaceful protest / awareness rally have agreed to cancel.

When alleged leaders of genocide arrive in foreign lands, it is the duty of the sangat and citizens of the country to raise a united voice and send out a firm message that we will not turn a blind eye.

We sincerely thank the hundreds of Sikhs who confirmed their attendance, and we rely upon your readiness and support should a matter of urgency arise in the future.

Please spread the message far and wide, the planned protest will no longer be taking place.

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    • The Nihangs still believe that Guru Gobind Singh Jee gave Gurgaddi to Guru Granth Sahib Jee. It is the foremost Granth. And Dasam Granth and Sarbloh Granth got Gurgaddi from Khalsa Panth.
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