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Amitabh Bachchan’S Invitation To Leicester Event Causes Outrage In Uk Sikh Community.

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When alleged leaders of genocide arrive in foreign lands, it is the duty of the sangat and citizens of the country to raise a united voice and send out a firm message that we will not turn a blind eye.

Well done Seva84 for highlighting the issue. Many of us would not have been bothered to have made an issue of this if Seva84 hadn't taken the lead and raised the profile.

At least Bachchan's incitement in the 84 Genocide became the talk of the town again and many people who didn't know about it do now.

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Sikhs have always fought injustice and the treatment of minorities from 1947 - present only shows that sikh grievances against the indian government are justified. If I was the pm and as per your sce

What Bachchan did was to incite the ordinary person to join the government organised mobs. We all know the star power of indian actors. This actor had thousands of people outside the hospital when he

This is an amzing opportunity to raise the profile and much more awareness of this issue within the media, at the very least the local Leicester media. Lets not get bogged down with Amitabh Bachan, b

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well done Lesta sikhs, Seva84.

This lanky <banned word filter activated> is bound to attend UK soon, film premiers what not.

For 84 butchers, there should be set protocols and people researching their whereabouts, news, blogs, twitters, so we can set up protests at short notice.

The kamal nath one was also successful at london business school in terms of bringing awareness.

The principle came out and made an apology saying we should not have invited kamal nath.

That was a very strong statement from elite business school of UK. it was filmed by the sangat.

I don't understand why it wasnt put on youtube??

Does anyone have a copy???

it needs to get out

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The Leicestershire police has given several assurances that Amitabh Bachchan will not be attending. In addition to this, MP Kieth Vaz has also relayed this message to local Sikh Community leaders.

If sangat has any issues regarding Kieth Vaz, please take it up with the Gurdwara Committee members in Leicestershire. We would also appreciate it if you share any correspondence openly on forums such as this one.

Seva84 works only for the benefit of the November 1984 National Genocide victims - many of whom are living in slums far below the poverty line, are poorly educated and are forced to have their health issues overlooked. It would have been cowardly for us to have kept our eyes and mouths shut during Amitabh's planned visit.

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I admire the work of Sewa84 but I think where we Sikhs fail in is the follow up as well as the ground roots. This is a victory but what is to stop Vaz inviting Bachchan again? Sewa84 or some other organisation needs to take follow up action to ensure that Vaz is made aware of why the Sikhs were going to protest as well get an undertaking from him not to invite Bachchan again. This might sound draconian but unless we undertake the follow up or grass roots work then all we will have is protests whenever he or any other of the accomplices of the genocide comes to the UK and then these will be cancelled and claimed as a victory. The true victory would be when we cause a sea change in the way bachchan is viewed in the UK. A few months ago Bachchan was on the BBC TV show, The One Show. Sewa84 or orther organisations need to contact the BBC and present their case and ask that he should not be invited especially since hundreds of thousands of Sikhs are licence fee payers.

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Saturday 16 June 2012 7pm (GMT).

Seva84 sevadars and Sikhs from around the country are outside Keith Vaz's party right now raising awareness about the November 1984 Genocide and involvement of Bachchan. The reception has been most welcoming with many party invitees taking an interest in the assembly of Sikhs and the issue being addressed.

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Sat 16th June 2012

Jaya Bachchan visits Leicester

As part of MP Keith Vaz’s 25th year in parliament, Jaya Bachchan was invited to a Gala Dinner at Platinum Suite. She was the Guest of Honour who replaced the initial choice, Amitabh Bachchan. He was forced to pull out due to health reasons.

Bachchan also attended Sabras Radio in Leicester as part of her promotional activities.

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